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Who are we?: Celebrity XYZ Logo We are an online portal which provides extensive celebrity information collected from websites, TV interviews, magazines, newspapers and other sources.

We are a private group of friends, similar minds who like to collect and share stuff about their favorite personalities, especially the lesser known people on the web.

This website started as an idea to publish only the lesser known people at first. We have decided to add as much information as possible

When did we start? We officially started in Early 2017, but as the idea it started way back in 2006, we have worked on similar ideas since 2006, now we are back fully committed, improved in our abilities.

What do we do?: We (intend to) provide you with the most detailed information on Celebrities. We are ourselves passionate about celebrity Biography & trivia. We present Celebrity information like-

Accuracy of information: The information provided here may not be 100% accurate, if you find any errors please let us know. We are willing to correct ourselves if there are any mistakes. Do not use our information for serious purposes, lot of the information is collected from news sources, Do you believe new sources? (Don't make a bet on it, that is all we are saying)

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A movie buff who is definitely in the IMDB Top 1000 Voters. He has been working in the Entertainment industry for over a decade now. Highly passionate about Hollyood movies & TV series, has watched more than 2000 movies in the last decade.