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Simon Shelton

Simon Shelton

Date Of Birth13 January 1966
Age52 years 0 months 4 days
Day of BirthThursday
Place Of BirthBethnal Green, London, England
Date Of Death17 January 2018
Place Of DeathAmpthill, Bedfordshire, England
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Professions Comedian , Actor , Choreographer , Dancer
Other Name Simon Barnes

Personal Information
Residence Ampthill, Bedfordshire
First Language English
Religion Christianity
Language English
Nationality British
Ethnicity Caucasian
Complexion White
Sexual Orientation Straight
Body Features & Measurements
Height 170 CM
5 Feet 7 Inches
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Weight65 KG
143 lbs
Body Type Slim
Family Information
Sons Henry Shelton
Finley Shelton (born to Samantha)
Wife Emma Robbins (Singer)
Daughter Lydia Shelton
Nieces Molly Robbins
Emily Atack (Actress)
Brother In-Law Ted Robbins
Sisters In-Law Kate Robbins
Jane Robbins
Amy Robbins
Career Information
Years Active 1988-2018
Favorites, Hobbies, Likes/ Dislikes
Social Networks, Web links
Wiki PageSimon Shelton Wiki Page
More Information
Friend Judith Tynan


Simon Shelton was an English actor, dancer, choreographer, comedian, producer and director, he was known for the roles- The Dark Knight in Incredible Games(1994), voicing Tinky-Winky in Teletubbies.

Simon Shelton was born on January 13th 1966 in Bethnal Green, London, England.

Simon Shelton: Facts & Trivia

  • Teletubbies: He was known for playing Tinky-Winky in children's show Teletubbies (replacing  Dave Thompson), and the video Teletubbies: Christmas in the Snow. He did not know it would become so popular, let alone it being aired on TV for more than a decade. Simon kept his acting career private, very few of the close ones knew it was him. When his daughter Lydia went to a new school she would say her father was a Tinky-Winky but generally everyone thought she was making it up.
  • The costume he wore as Tinky-Einky was a giant 8 foot 6 inches.
  • Simon on Teletubbies: I didn't know it would be as big as it was, but I did know as soon as I started working on it, that it had something special.
  • Theater: Simon started attending theatre school at the age of 10, he returned from America and continued theatre work in the West End.
  • Ballet: He worked in an American Ballet Company at the age of 16
  • It is believed that he was addicted to socialising and partying, he had even moved away to remote locations to avoid being tempted back.
  • Simon has three children.
  • Death: Simon died of Hypothermia (a disorder where body temperature decreases) at the age of 52 on 17th January 2018, just four days after his 52nd birth day. He collapsed in the street at around 7.30am and never recovered.
  • After Simon's death, his son Henry wrote this on facebook-> "he was the sweetest, kindest man I ever met, and I loved him more than anything"
  • Simon's daughter Lydia wrote "I love you so much dad. Always have, always will. The most beautiful man in the world. Forever in my heart"
  • He was considered a gay icon. 

Simon Shelton: Filmography

  • Peter Kay's Animated All Star Band(2009): Simon vocied Tinky-Winky in this Family Short Video directed by Tim Harper created by Peter Kay
  • Shownieuws(2007): He appeared in the Family Series created by Endemol Entertainment 
  • Dr. Terrible's House of Horrible(2001): He played minor roles in the Horror Comedy , it stars Hayley Henderson, Steve Coogan, Graham Duff in the cast.
  • Teletubbies: Christmas in the Snow(2000): He voiced Tinky-Winky in the Video directed by Vic Finch, David Hiller 
  • Teletubbies(1998): He acted in the role of Tinky-Winky in the Musical Family Series produced by  Andrew Davenport for BBC
  • Incredible Games(1994): Simon played The Dark Knight in the Adventure Comedy Series with stars- Philippa Forrester, Rowland Rivron, Keith Chegwin playing important roles.
  • Swing Kids(1993): He played Dancer in the movie directed by Thomas Carter , cast included Robert Sean Leonard, Frank Whaley, Christian Bale
  • Prisoner of Honor(1991): He acted as Male prostitute in the Drama directed by Ken Russell , cast includes Richard Dreyfuss, Peter Firth, Oliver Reed
  • Cliff Richard: The Event(1989): He was a choreographer in this Musical directed by Terence Bulley with the cast of Miriam Stockley, Cliff Richard, Mae McKenna
  • Anna(1988): He played Tanzer in this Musical Family Drama movie directed by Frank Strecker with actors- Silvia Seidel, Jon Peterson, Patrick Bach playing the lead characters.
  • Sheilas- an hour long cabaret show, which he usually performed across the country and especially at the gay bars

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