Date Of BirthJanuary 29, 1954
Age70 years 2 months 26 days
Day of BirthFriday
Place Of BirthPort Antonio, Jamaica
Zodiac SignAquarius
Full Name Anthony Paul Moo-Young

Personal Information
Body Features & Measurements
Height172 CM
5 Feet 8 Inches
Eye color Black
Hair color Black
Weight80 KG
176 lbs
Family Information
Mother Euphemia Hamilton
Brother Peter Moo-Young (Table tennis player)
Sisters Julianna
Cherry Groce
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Mooji is a Jamaican spiritual teacher, a student of Papaji (H. W. L. Poonja; student of Ramana Maharshi) and a teacher of Advaita Vedanta philosophy.

Mooji was born on Friday, 29th January 1954 in Port Antonio, Jamaica to Euphemia Hamilton (Mother) an English citizen & a Jamaican father.

Moojiji teaches non-dualism, self-enquiry based philosophy. His approach involves Loved based transformation, it makes him unique among the teachers of Advaita, who are often rational by approach. His teachings involve contemplating the nature of self and separating the self from phenomenon falsely associated with the self.

Mooji's rise to popularity: Mooji has gathered a lot of followers through his videos on youtube. He conducts satsangs where he and students discuss spiritual concepts. Those videos are uploaded on youtube. His videos have been watched by millions 

Mooji- Facts & Trivia

  • He was brought up by his father till the age of 15, his father died when Mooji was 15.
  • After his father died, Mooji moved to live with his mother in the London, United kingdom.
  • Mooji is an artist by nature, he learned arts by curiosity and interest.
  • Mooji's arts interests include stained glass, ceramics, sculpture, painting
  • Mooji has worked as an art teacher in a Brixton college.
  • Mooji met his Guru Papaji in Lucknow in 1993.
  • Mooji has lived in England, India and now resides at Monte Sahaja, Alentejo, Portugal.
  • His brother Peter Moo-Young was an international level table tennis player, he played for Jamaica
  • He had a sister named Cherry Groce who was shot by police, the incident eventually lead to riots in Brixton.
  • Mooji was popular in the art world as Tony Moo.
  • Mooji initially got interested in Christian Mysticism, later his thirst for spirituality brought him to Papaji & Non-duality.
  • Mooji has been conducting satsangs in Spain, Germany, Italy, North America, Sweden, Ireland, Wales Argentina, Great Britain, Brazil, Portugal, India and other places.
  • Mooji is married and has sons, his elder son died of Pneumonia.
  • Mooji visited Kolkata, West Bengal, India, he was inspired by the saint Sri RamaKrishna's stories & philosophy.
  • Mooji lived for some time in Thirvannamalai at the Ramanashram, the place of his great guru Ramana Maharshi.

 Books by Mooji: Mooji has published many books, some under the publication Mooji Publications, some of his books are:

  • Breath of the Absolute – Dialogues with Mooji (2010)
  • Writing on Water: Spontaneous Utterances Insights and Drawings (2011)
  • Before I Am: The Direct Recognition of Truth – Dialogues with Mooji (2012)
  • The Mala of God (2014)
  • White Fire: Spiritual insights and teachings of advaita zen master Mooji (2014)

Mooji- Discography

  • 2010: Mooji Reads Selected Verses from the Avadhuta Gita
  • 2013: This is Not Your Job, This Is Your Joy
  • 2016: Double Agent

Mooji- Quotes

  • My master is now all around, the true master will never die, he will just leave the reality of this world.
  • Do not do anything, do not have to do anything at all
  • Forget spirituality, forget enlightenment, forgive yourself
  • Everything happens in your head.
  • The Principle that manifests itself through the Master's form is always HERE and NOW.
  • A true Master never dies, Mr. dies. The True Master is the Sath Guru within, the only Reality.
  • You are not an object, you are pure subjectivity.
  • Words are not equal to experience. Ultimately, experience is important. The teaching is absolutely useless, if among those who practice it, there are none who took the teaching so much that it turned into an experience.
  • Something brought you here. Trust that it will satisfy its own intention to take you Home.
  • 'Keep quiet' means stop pursuing thoughts.
  • Emptiness is the greatest freedom. No person can be in that. And this is the best absence: the absence of a person. Only in this absence is God revealed.
  • One's greatest service is to keep one’s mind merged in the indwelling Self who is timeless awareness and absolute Truth.
  • Be where the seeing arises from, where even the seeing is being seen. Just be there. This is your home.
  • No, you are not good enough. You are perfect and complete from before the beginning of time.
  • Everything I tell you is already known within you as wordless intuition and intimate being.
  • As mind merges in the heart, true understanding awakens. You are the invisible inside the visible, the unmoving inside all movements.
  • The vastness that is seen by the mind is not the Self. The vastness in which the mind is seen is the Self.
  • Life is only now. It can never be tomorrow. Tomorrow is only a concept. One of the worst things is to miss the recognition of your own good fortune. You are life itself.
  • You are beauty itself. Beauty is not merely a physical thing. It is a heart that is open to God, to Truth, to existence itself, fearlessly.


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