King Keraun Harris

King Keraun Harris

Date Of Birth17 January 1988
Age31 years 0 months 6 days
Day of BirthSunday
Place Of BirthHouston, Texas, United States
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Professions Writer , Driector , Actor , YouTuber , Comedian , Producer , Editor
Nickname King Keraun

Personal Information
Residence Los Angeles, California, United States
Mother Tongue English
Religion Christianity
Language English
Nationality American
Ethnicity African American
Sexual Orientation Straight
Trademarks Tatto all over the body , Long mustache
Body Features & Measurements
Height 175 CM
5 Feet 9 Inches
Eye color Black
Hair color Black
Weight75 KG
165 lbs
Body Type Athletic
Family Information
Father Derrick Harris
Mother Tara Harris
Daughter Raegan Harris
Brothers Anthoni Harris
Davis Harris
Sisters Sidneey Harris
kristan Harris
Nephew Deraun Harris
Nieces Krystal Ann
London Harris
Kryssi Harris
Education Qualifications
Education (High School) Lawrence E Elkins High School , Thurgood Marshall High School (Missouri, Texas)
Love, Romance, Marriage
Girlfriend Simone Shepherd
Career Information
Debut (Movie) Major Deal (2016)
Years Active 2013-
Debut (TV) King Bachelor's Pad
Debut(Short movie) Dear Santa
Favorites, Hobbies, Likes/ Dislikes
Favorite MovieA Soldier's Story(1984) (childhood movie)
Likes50 Cents
Cardi B
Favorite sports persons Lebron james (Basketballl player)
Deion Sanders
Favorite Sports Team Houston Texans (American football team)
Social Networks, Web links
Wiki PageWiki Page
Facebook ProfileFacebook Profile
Twitter ProfileTwitter Profile
Official WebsiteOfficial Website
Instagram ProfileInstagram Profile
YouTube ChannelYouTube Channel
Snapchat kingkeraun
Contact (Email)
Manager Ashwant Akula (
More Information
Friend Bryant Nnabuife (BFF)
Role Model Martin Lawrence
Mentor Russell Simmons
Net worth $2 million


King Keraun is an American actor, comedian, content creator, youtuber, viner, internet personality, director and producer. He is known for acting in The Roommates(TV series), Face Value (TV Series), Major Deal(2016), 30 Days 2 Life (TV Series), Black-ish (TV Series), King Bachelor's Pad (TV Series)

King Keraun Harris was born on 17th January 1988 in Houston, Texas, United States to Tara Harris(mother) & Derrick Harris(father).

Video: Keraun's Life story documentary

Simone and Keraun relationship: Simone and Keraun got to know each other through the social media, they liked each other's work and started working in collaboration for some of the videos. They eventually settled with each other. 

Keraun with daughter and girlfriend

Image: Keraun with daughter Raegan and girlfriend Simone Shephard

Video: King Keraun Mannequin Challenge

King Keraun Harris: Facts & Trivia

  • Origin of name Keraun: When Keraun's Mother Tara was 14, she was alone at home and was watching a movie on TV, she saw a name on the credits, she liked the sound of Keraun and named her son that.
  • No Way Out: The King Keraun Documentary- A documentary on Keraun directed by Vincent Powell was released in 2016, It was based on Keraun's life.
  • Keraun used to watch the movie A Soldier's Story over and over at the age of 5. He liked that movie as a kid.
  • Nigger Ranger: He liked power ranger and wanted himself to be called "Nigger Ranger".
  • He was bullied as a kid once, next day he took a brick and threw at the bully, thankfully it didn't hit him.
  • High School incident: When he was studying in the 10th grade at Thurgood Marshall High School he saw a girl sitting outside the class and showing off her breasts to everyone. Kearun saw her and became her promoter, he would line up the boys who wanted to see her breasts and would charge them, Principal called his parents and conveyed the incident. He got a severe punishment from his parents.
  • He played Football as a Highschooler.
  • Work at Walmart: After flunking and dropping out of college, he worked at Walmart as a late night stocker.
  • Gangbanger: When he wasn't working as a stocker, he would get into fights with other gangs.
  • Credit Card scam: He got involved with some people dealing with credit card scam.
  • Arrest: He was arrested and "railroaded" when he was 19/20. He spent couple of years in prison and got a parole after that. His parents stood with him and helped him come through it.
  • Tattoos: He has tattoos all over his body.
  • King Keraun: Keraun is a big fan of Lebron James, he follows Lebron James, King was inspired by the "King James"
  • He made $10k for his first video commercial on instagram.
  • Pleasant Surprise: Lebron James liked one of Keraun's instagram and then commented on the next, Keraun was surprised being recognized by his idol. He gained several 1000s of followers pretty soon. Lebron invited him to a game, hugged him and posed with him for a photo.
  • Daughter Raegan: He used to smoke cigars before he had his daughter Raegan, he gave up the habit after doctors felt it was not good for her.
  • His father Derrick Harris is a former Rugby player
  • Siblings: Keraun has 4 younger siblings. Five children of his parents are:
    1. Keraun Harris
    2. Anthoni Harris
    3. Kristan Harris
    4. Davis Harris
    5. Sidneey Harris
  • Five time felon: He had been arrested 5 times before he became a internet star.
  • Dreams To Reality: Keraun co-founded the online platform "Dreams To Reality" to help people realize their dreams
  • Love and Basketball parody: Simone and Keraun made a parody video of the movie "Love and Basketball" for youtube channel "Hood Central
  • ADHD: He was identified with ADHD(Attention Deficiency Hyperactive Disorder) in his youth

King Keraun Harris: Career

  • TV Debut: Keraun made TV debut with the 2014 comedy TV series King Bachelor's Pad. He appeared in a minor role in a episode named "Dear Santa"
  • Deubt Short: Keraun played Santa in the short film Dear Santa (2014) alongside Andrew Bachelor (who played Bach)
  • Debut movie: Keraun played Mike in the comedy movie Major Deal(2016) written and directed by Kevin Fredericks. His girlfriend Simone Shepherd plays the other main role in the movie
  • Writer: Keraun has written script for TV series like- The Roommates & 30 Days 2 Life(multiple episodes) and movies like- Major Deal(2016)
  • Producer: He has produced Major Deal(2016), The Roommates (TV Series), Documentary No Way Out: The King Keraun
  • Editing: He learned to edit videos himself, his first video edit took him 12 hours to edit a video 3 minutes long.
  • Vine, Youtube, Instagram: Keraun's initial success on Vine helped him establish on Instagram and youtube as well. He is largely a social media personality.

King Keraun Harris: Quotes

  • [When asked about the secret of his continuous success on social media] I'm handsome  man what do you think?
  • If u a women and can't look cute with the flower filter on snapchat... it's no hope for your looks sweetheart
  • [About fatherhood] I will never understand a man not being a father to his kids. This is heaven for me, I'm so at peace when my baby is with me.
  • Females flirt when they bored just to get a rise out a man . She doesn't like you like that G move on
  • Pisces women are the best cause at least they loyal with they crazy
  • If you don't fight, you don't deserve to bust out.
  • Listen vultures i been shackled by western culture . You convinced most of my people to live off emotion
  • [About being a black man] Nobody understands exactly what it’s like having to deal and fight for something that never seems to change man.
  • [About police violence] As a black man You become num to this shit.
  • [About his daughter] She empowers my life in many ways, she makes me want more money, she makes me be a better person, she makes me respect other women.
  • [About making it in life after being i prison] It is never long and never takes too much to get straight
  • [About fame] This s**t is surreal to me.

King Keraun Harris: Photos, Pictures

Simone Shepherd with boyfriend Keraun Harris
Simone Shepherd with boyfriend Keraun Harris
Simone Shepherd Family: with boyfriend Keraun Harris & his daughter Raegan
Simone Shepherd Family: with boyfriend Keraun Harris & his daughter Raegan
King Keraun childhood
King Keraun childhood
King Keraun childhood
King Keraun childhood
King Keraun childhood
King Keraun childhood
King Keraun childhood
King Keraun childhood
King Keraun with daughter Raegan
King Keraun with daughter Raegan
King Keraun's parents- Tara & Derrick Harris
King Keraun's parents- Tara & Derrick Harris
King Keraun shirtless
King Keraun shirtless
Young King Keraun
Young King Keraun
King Keraun beard
King Keraun beard

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