Lizzy Greene

Lizzy Greene

Date Of Birth1 May 2003
Age16 years 6 months 19 days
Day of BirthThursday
Place Of BirthDallas, Texas, United States
Zodiac SignTaurus
Professions Model , Actress , Gymnast , Singer
Nickname Liz
Full Name Lizzy Anne Greene
Other Name Elizabeth Anne Greene Chavez

Personal Information
Residence Los Angeles, California, United States
Mother Tongue English
Religion Christianity
Languages Spanish , English
Star SignTaurus
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian (with small part Cherokee Indian)
Complexion White
Sexual Orientation Straight
Trademark Agile Body
Body Features & Measurements
Height164 CM
5 Feet 5 Inches
Hair color Blonde
Weight43 (in 2017) KG
95 lbs
Shoe Size 6 (US)
Dress Size0 (US)
Body Type Slim
Family Information
Mother Amy Greene
Brother Garrett Greene
Cousins Kathryn Hodgin
Will Hodgin
Niece Nora
Grandmother Elizabeth Greene
Education Qualifications
Education(School) Fun House Theatre And Film School (Plano, Texas)
Career Information
Years Active 2014-
Debut (TV) Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn
Favorites, Hobbies, Likes/ Dislikes
Playing with pets
Favorite Actor Robert Downey Jr.
Favorite Foods Sushi
Texas BBQ.
Chocolate Chip cookies (warmed, with milk)
Favorite ColorsPurple
Tiffany Blue
Favorite MoviesRio (childhood)
Hunger Games
Zootopia (Animation)
Favorite Singers Rihanna
Selena Gomez
Kendrick Lamar
Taylor swift
Demi Lovato
Favorite Sport Football
Favorite Destinations Bahamas
Favorite Songs Sledgehammer (Rihanna)
Needed Me (Rihanna)
Sorry (Beyonce)
Fancy (Iggy Azalea)
Favorite Cars Ford Mustang
Land Rover
Favorite DrinksLemonade
LikesEllen Degenres (TV host)
Favorite sports persons Candace Parker
Simone Biles (Gymnast, she once retweeted Lizzy's tweet)
Alex Morgan
Favorite Sports Teams Dallas Cowboys (Football)
Cleveland Cavaliers (Basketball)
Favorite Animals Dog (It's a tie)
Cat (It's a tie)
Favorite City California
Favorite Brands Nike (Sportswear)
Tarte (Makeup)
Anastasia Beverly Hills (Makeup)
Dior Mascara
Adidas (Sportswear)
Benefit (Makeup/ Blushes)
Laura Mercier (Makeup)
Urban Decay Highlighter
Favorite Video Game Minecraft
Favorite Snacks Yogurt
Ice Cream (Mint Chocolate Chip)
Granola bars
Canadian Candies
Favorite Fruit Strawberry
Favorite Phone iPhone (Apple)
Favorite App Instagram
Favorite Youtubers pewdiepie
Social Networks, Web links
Wiki PageWiki Page
Facebook ProfileFacebook Profile
Twitter ProfileTwitter Profile
Official WebsiteOfficial Website
Instagram ProfileInstagram Profile
YouTube ChannelYouTube Channel
Snapchat iamlizzygreene
Contacts(Phone)(310) 385-8100 (Manager)
(818) 760-2488 (Talent Agent)
Manager Ellen Meyer
Talent Agent Emily Urbani
More Information
Friends Riele Downs
Addison Riecke
Inspirations Blake Lively
Rihanna (Fashion)
Frida Kahlo (Artist)
Net worth $1 Million
Coach Tony Mack (Boxing)


Lizzy Greene is an American TV & Movie actress. Dawn Harper in Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, Dawn Harper in We Make That Lemonade(2014), Lizzy Greene in Nickelodeon's Ho Ho Holiday Special (2015), Morgan in The Thundermans(2014).

Lizzy Greene was born on 1st May 2003 in Dallas, Texas, United States.

Lizzy Greene: Trivia & Facts

  • Lizzy was bit of Tomboy when she was in school.
  • Her acting interest started when she was in school
  • Gymnastics: She has practiced singing & gymnastics out of interests.
  • She makes videos and shares content on Periscope, she likes being connected with fans that way.
  • Alternate career: If not for acting, she would have liked to be a Singer. She would participate in singing competitions at school every year.
  • Lizzy wants to become a fashion designer or start a clothes line of her own some day.
  • She has attended 
  • Social Media Star: She has a big online presence with huge Instagram, Twitter & Youtube account following. On instagram she has followers in Millions.
  • She loves animals and is an animal rights activist.
  • She has a pet dog named Jett (German shepherd) and a pet cat named Coco Chanel.
  • John D'Aquino's Young Actors Intensive: She attended the workshop for young actors in June 2013
  • She is into Yoga today.
  • She is a fashion freak, she loves oversized jackets. Likes black leather jacket and recommends it
  • Her favorite hobby is to hangout with friends.
  • High heels are her favorite to wear.
  • Singing to acting: She would sing Taylor Swift Songs every year at school, her teacher suggested that she try acting impressed by her skills
  • She supports charity foundations and has attended many events to support that, She supports Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.
  • At times she helps people at the Hospitals
  • She likes Halloween but loves Christmas more.
  • She prefers Instagram over Twitter
  • She was on the cover of Lateen magazine in December 2016
  • She has appeared on the cover of The Chicpy magazine
  • She works 9 and half hours a day for 5 days a week.
  • She has switched to home schooling to ease some pressure of her routine.
  • Her mother is a teacher and principal at the school.
  • She loves her cats and has attended many Cat-cons.
  • She has a dog named Squishy Paws.
  • She loves In-n-Outs, she has been going out since childhood, she likes TExas Roadhouse, Diary Queen as well.
  • She has appeared on shows like- Teens Wanna Know, JoJo's Juice, TinaQ's Celebrity Interviews, Piper's Picks TV, React to That, Alexis Joy VIP Access, 
  • Her advice for those who want to act- Start from theatre, that is where I learnt acting. It is a place where you learn various forms of acting. Agents always come to theatres, it helps..
  • She wants to host "Saturday Night Live" one day
  • She has a tiny bit part Cherokee ancestry.
  • she appeared on the Maybelline's Summer ad campaign.
  • She loves horror movies
  • She didn't like shopping as a kid, but as a young woman she has developed liking for shopping, especially shoes.
  • On the Nickelodeon show, she is the oldest among Aidan Gallagher, Casey Simpson & Mace Coronel.
  • She doesn't like Mint in real life, but likes Mint chocolate cookie
  • She likes Novels and Documentary type of books.
  • If not for acting, she would have liked to be a Gymnast or a soccer player.
  • She thinks Clowns are creepy.

Lizzy Greene: Quotes

  • There are pretty outfits, and then there are ones that are a huge fashion risk- I'm a fan of those.
  • All my life, I've always been able to connect with boys because sometimes girls cause a little bit more drama
  • When you get into the entertainment business, you have to grow up a lot faster, because you are working 9 & a half hours a day.
  • I love trying something that maybe looks really crazy on the hanger, but is super cool on.
  • One of my dreams has always been to be able to go to a fashion show.
  • I love celebrities who aren't afraid to take risks.
  • Work hard and follow your dreams.
  • If you want to get a head start into the entertainment business, get into a performing arts school or start performing in a theater
  • When you are granted the choice of being right or being kind, choose kind
  • you are never fully dressed without a smile
  • True friends are priceless
  • It's an amazing feeling to know you have helped someone
  • If you can't be kind, Be quiet. Putting others down shows your unhappiness. All humans deserve respect and kindness.
  • You are only as good as the day you are in. Place being nice at the top of your list
  • Humility looks good on everybody
  • Be a true friend you never know what others may be going through.
  • There are 2 sides to every story
  • Grandparents are God's way of ensuring unconditional love
  • I wasn't afraid of bugs, spiders or anything like that as a kid, I'd kiss frogs.
  • You don't need to have a fan following, or a big name, or be a celebrity in order to help people.
  • These days people are really focused on how many likes they get on a photo and that's really not important what's most important is that your life makes a difference, you are going to be the change in this world
  • I believe I'm so much more than the number of followers on social media.
  • I'm not the crying type, last time I cried was watching Marley 7 Me alone.
  • I have grown up a tomboy all my life, all the girls were busy with Barbie and princess stuff, I just wanted to go play football.
  • It is awesome to work with people you are really good friends with
  • Acting was not my dream, I was just a small town girl who loved doing singing an acting who got noticed.
  • I have been bullied all throughout school, Bullying is a thing, it is happening, I want to voice these causes and be part of organizations against bullying.
  • I am super energetic, fearless and quirky.
  • Overall, be nice to everyone, don't judge anyone.
  • Honestly, It doesn't matter how small or big your goals are, just make a set goal and work at it.
  • Be kind and never let others tear you down.
  • I like to draw, I think it is a way to escape from reality.
  • I like to dance like no one is watching, but I'm not a good dancer.
  • [Advice to young actors] If you have fear of stage, imagine everyone in their underwears, it will be funny and will make it easy not to take them seriously, like you are the elder there.

Lizzy Greene: Awards

  • Young Artist(2016): Nomination in the Outstanding ensemble cast category for Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn
  • Kids' Choice Awards(2016): Nominated in Favorite TV actress for her role in Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn
  • Kids' Choice Awards(2017): Nominated in Favorite female TV star for her role in Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn

Lizzy Greene: Photos, Pictures

Lizzy Greene
Lizzy Greene
Lizzy Greene
Lizzy Greene
Lizzy Greene
Lizzy Greene
Lizzy Greene with Brother Garrett Greene
Lizzy Greene with Brother Garrett Greene
Lizzy Greene childhood
Lizzy Greene childhood
Lizzy Greene childhood
Lizzy Greene childhood
Lizzy Greene with her Father
Lizzy Greene with her Father
Lizzy Greene with her Father
Lizzy Greene with her Father
Lizzy Greene with Mother & Brother
Lizzy Greene with Mother & Brother
Lizzy Greene with grandparents
Lizzy Greene with grandparents
Lizzy Greene in summer with waterboard
Lizzy Greene in summer with waterboard
Lizzy Greene Family
Lizzy Greene Family

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