Luna Blaise

Luna Blaise

Date Of BirthOctober 1, 2001
Age22 years 9 months 17 days
Day of BirthMonday
Place Of BirthLos Angeles, California, United States
Zodiac SignLibra
Professions Singer , Dancer , Songwriter , Actress
Nickname Lu Lu
Full Name Luna Blaise Boyd

Personal Information
Residence Los Angeles, California, United States
Religion Christianity
Languages Spanish , English
Nationality American
Complexion White
Trademarks Petite , Small frame
Body Features & Measurements
Height165 CM
5 Feet 5 Inches
Eye colorHazel
Hair color Brown
Weight48 KG
106 lbs
Shoe Size7
Dress Size4
Figure Measurements 34-28-35
Figure Type Hourglass , Banana
Body Type Athletic
Family Information
Father Paul Boyd
Mother Angelyna Martinez
Brother River Boyd
Cousin Mcgiver Mike
Uncles Mike Martinez (Maternal; contested from Texas SD-10 for senate)
David Boyd (Paternal)
Nephew Oliver Boyd (Son of River Boyd)
Aunt Lisa Martinez (Maternal)
Relatives Rosemary Ledezma (Distant Aunt)
Rudy Martinez
Angie Vasquez (Mom's aunt)
Jay Vasquez (Distant Uncle)
Love, Romance, Marriage
Boyfriend Jacob Sartorius (Ex)
Career Information
Debut (Movie) Vicious Circle (first to be shot, released in 2009 though)
Favorites, Hobbies, Likes/ Dislikes
Favorite Actor Taylor Lautner
Favorite Actresses Jodie Foster
Drew Barrymore
Favorite Food Pizza
Favorite ColorsBlack
Favorite MoviesSuper 8 (2011)
Harry Potter (Series)
Fault in our stars
Favorite Singers Ed Sheeran
Kehlani (Female)
Favorite SportBaseball
Favorite Director Steven Spielberg
Favorite Car G Wagon (Mercedes Benz; Red G Wagon with black interior, red rimming around the wheel)
Favorite TV show Friends
Favorite Musical instrument guitar
Favorite Designer Gucci
LikesKylie Jenner
Thomas Barbusca (Actor)
American Vandal (TV series)
Favorite Animal Panda
Favorite superheros Captain America
Favorite Brand Apple iPhone 7 Plus (Mobile phone)
Favorite Restaurants Taco Bell
Urth Cafe (New York)
Favorite Desserts Ice Cream
Milk Shake
Girl Crush Taylor swift
Favorite Holiday Halloween
Guilty pleasure Chocolate
Favorite TV Series The End of the F**king world (Netflix Original)
Favorite place New York
Influences Kehlani
Lykke Li
Lana Del Rey
Favorite Accessory Chains
Favorite Season Fall
Social Networks, Web links
Facebook ProfileLuna Blaise Facebook Profile
Twitter ProfileLuna Blaise Twitter Profile
Instagram ProfileLuna Blaise Instagram Profile
YouTube ChannelLuna Blaise YouTube Channel
Spotify LinkLuna Blaise Spotify Link
Merchandise LinkLuna Blaise Merchandise Link
More Information
Friends Riley Quinn
Naiia Ulrich
Net worth$100,000-$500,000
Celebrity Crush Justin Bieber
Seth Rogen


Luna Blaise is an American Singer, Song writer, Dancer & Actress. she is known for playing Nicole in "Fresh Off the Boat", Chloe in "Vicious circle", Olive Stone in "Manifest", Luna in "Concrete Kids".

Luna Blaise was born on October 1st 2001 in Los Angeles, California, United States to Angelyna Martinez (mother) & Paul Boyd (father)- a film/ video/ Ad director from Scotland. She has a brother named River Boyd.

Luna Blaise Interesting Facts & Trivia

  • Ethnicity: She is of Scottish ancestry from her father's side. Her mother Angelyna is a Fort Worth, Texas native and is of Spanish & Jewish background.
  • Luna: Luna was born on the Eve of the Harvest Full Moon, her name 'Luna' Means Moon as well.
  • Early beginning: Luna started professional work at the age of 5, Her family had recognized her natural talent, she was dressing up and enacting scenes from movies and dramas she had seen. She has appeared in Ads for brands such as:
    • Dunkin Donuts
    • Gap (Apparels and accessories)
    • Juicy Couture (Women's designer clothing)
    • KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)
    • McDonald's (Burgers and Fries)
    • Target (Retail business)
  • Both her parents are in the TV/ Film business, it helped her get used to the industry norms and requirements even before she entered the industry.
  • Debut Movie: Luna started her acting at the ae of 6 through the 2008 Tragic Love drama film "Vicious Circle" directed by Paul Boyd, Luna had a cameo role in the movie also starring Paul Rodriguez Jr., Emily Rios, Trevor Wright.
  • Sweatshirt: Luna appeared in the Jacob Sartorius debut Single 'Sweatshirt' in 2016. It was her first music video as well. The video became viral, and was also targeted by trolls who down voted it heavily on youtube.
  • Young Artist Awards(2016): Luna won the 'Recurring young actress' for her role as Nicole in "Fresh Off the Boat" at the 37th Annual Young Artist Awards
  • Music singles: Luna has released her own singles like "Over You", "Camera Roll", "Secrets", "Vultures" and others in addition to videos made by others.
  • She has acted in Memoria, a short indie film produced by & starring James Franco
  • She has a close sibling like relationship with Jack Messina, her co-star on "Manifest" who played her twin brother Cal Stone. He helped her setup her video game "Fortnight", which had not used in a long time.
  • She is learning to speak Spanish.
  • 1920s are her favorite times, if she could have landed back or forth in time (like in the "Manifest" TV series) she would have picked to go back to 1920s.
  • Luna's Facebook page is operated by her mom among other accounts.
  • Pro-LGBTQ: She is pro-LGBTQ. Luna partnered with GLAAD , a non-profit organization to help make coming out easier.
  • Luna is a very private and shy person.
  • She wants to become a director and produce in the future
  • She likes to work with her inspirations- Steven Spielberg, Drew Barrymore, Guillermo Del Toro
  • She was part of "We Movement"
  • Lactose Intolerant: She is Lactose intolerant
  • Favorite type of shoes: Sneakers are her favorite type of shoes.
  • Favorite Sushi Roll: Spicy tuna
  • Death threats: Luna received few hate mails and death threats during her initial success years
  • She had auditioned for High School Musical 4
  • She was featured on Teen Vogue
  • She desires a career like that of Jennifer Lopez, where she can do it all- singing, dancing adn acting
  • Luna wrote an article on being a Latina in Popsugar in 2017. It discusses about the Latina magazine, her mom's identity issues as a Latina in a mostly white society.
  • She is believed to be a heavy sleeper
  • She has a birth mark on her stomach (an upside down heart mark)
  • She loves Disney cartoons and programs on TV
  • Pets: Luna had a pet fish named 'George O’Malley', and a pet dog named 'Lola', a cat named 'Franklin'
  • She is scared of trucks driving closer to her
  • She likes murder mystery stories, J Simpson murder trial is her favorite case.
  • She can do an Australian accent.
  • Super powers: If she ever could have super powers, she wishes the power to Fly and be Invisible.
  • Double jointed: She has double jointed Foot and Thumb.
  • She likes Sarcasm.
  • Musical family: her family is deeply involved with music work, her father Paul plays guitar well, her mother is a good singer, while her older brother River Boyd is a good rapper
  • She is partly home schooled


Video: Secrets (Luna Blaise)

Luna Blaise Quotes

  • [About her co-star who played her father in "Manifest"] Josh Dallas is like the best person in the world, he is like My Dad away from my Dad, he embarrasses me.
  • Every twin has some kind of weird connection going on.
  • I use a lot of my techniques that I used for comedy to put into drama, in comedy you have to have a comedic timing, if you don't have that the joke doesn't come through.
  • I love conspiracy theories, I'm a conspiracy theory girl.
  • I'd be a ok with marrying Seth Rogen. Married to your role model type sh*t
  • Everyone's lonely.. some people are just better at hiding it
  • I don't recommend heartbreak it sucks a*s
  • See, i don't need a boy to make me laugh. That's what I have myself for. I haven't met anyone who makes me laugh more than i make myself laugh, it's because I get me, like nobody else does
  • You gotta loose something you know.. to learn how to get better
  • Bob Ross makes me feel like anything is possible
  • Some boys don't know how to love
  • I wanna skip teenage years and get to the part where I might be a bit more mentally/ emotionally put together
  • The moment you say or think.. "I hope nothing changes" is the moment everything changes
  • "We need retail Therapy" - My mom and I
  • Whatever you do.. do it for your reasons.. not anyone else's
  • When I was 12 I dated a guy cause he looked like Calum from 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Coming of age can be so hard
  • PREGNANCY IS SO WILD TO ME. A living human by the time you are about to deliver.. there is a full human being inside of you. That is just been waiting to come into the world. like yo what! it is so insane and beautiful but just mind blowing to me
  • It genuinely hurts my heart and soul that i will never be able to go to Hogwarts
  • It is insane when you show someone you care and then they pretend like you don't even exist
  • The truth will set you free.. but first it'll piss you off


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