Jacob Sartorius

Jacob Sartorius

Date Of BirthOctober 2, 2002
Age21 years 9 months 16 days
Day of BirthWednesday
Place Of BirthTulsa, Oklahoma, United States
Zodiac SignLibra
ProfessionsSocial media celebrity , Singer , Song writer
Nicknames Jake , J
Full Name Rolf Jacob Sartorius

Personal Information
Residence Los Angeles, California, United States
Religion Christianity
Language English
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Complexion White
Trademarks Love boy , Hairstyle
Body Features & Measurements
Height173 (2019) CM
5 Feet 8 Inches
Eye colorHazel
Hair color Dark Brown
Weight55 KG
121 lbs
Shoe Size8
Body Type Slim
Waist 21
Chest size 19
34 (2019)
Waist Size 28
Biceps Size 11
Family Information
Father Rolf Sartorius
Mother Pat Sartorius (Patricia; Social media manager)
Brother Trey Sartorius
Sister Caroline Sartorius (born in 1997)
Love, Romance, Marriage
Girlfriends Jenna ortega (rumored)
Baby Ariel (Ex)
Maddie Ziegler (Ex)
Luna Blaise (Rumored)
Millie Bobbie Brown (Ex)
Career Information
Years Active 2015-
Favorites, Hobbies, Likes/ Dislikes
Favorite Foods Mac and cheese (most favorite)
Chocolate milk
Favorite ColorBlue
Favorite MoviePirates of the Caribbean
Favorite Song Don't (by Bryson Tiller)
Favorite TV show Stuck in the Middle
LikesDunkin Donuts
Sky jumping
Mac & Cheese
Favorite Restaurant Taco Bells
Favorite Snacks M&M
Lays chips
Favorite Festival Halloween
Social Networks, Web links
Facebook ProfileJacob Sartorius Facebook Profile
Twitter ProfileJacob Sartorius Twitter Profile
Official WebsiteJacob Sartorius Official Website
Instagram ProfileJacob Sartorius Instagram Profile
YouTube ChannelJacob Sartorius YouTube Channel
Spotify LinkJacob Sartorius Spotify Link
Apple MusicJacob Sartorius Apple Music
Merchandise LinkJacob Sartorius Merchandise Link
More Information
Friends Cameron Dallas (internet personality)
Taylor Caniff
Baby Ariel
Shawn Mendes
Aaron Carpenter
Net worth$500-$1 Million
Celebrity Crush Selena Gomez
Ariana Grande
Instruments guitar


Jacob Sartorius is an American Pop Singer, Song writer, social media celebrity known for his short videos on musical.ly and TikTok. 

Jacob Sartorius was born as Rolf Jacob Sartorius on 2nd October 2002 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States. He grew up in Reston, Virginia with his adopted parents (Rolf Sartorius & Pat Sartorius). He grew up with a sister named Caroline. Caroline and Jacob's mom appear in some of his videos.

Rolf Sartorius works as a CEO of Social Impact(SI), a company based in Virginia. He has worked as a teacher previously and taught 'Foreign Service' in Georgetown University. Worked in World Bank as well.

Interesting Facts

  • Jacob was adopted: Jacob's biological parents gave him up for adoption after struggling to give him a better life, His adopted parents raised him up in Reston, Virginia.
  • Rolf: Jacob's actual first name is Rolf, it is the same as his father's and grandfather's. He likes to go by Jacob.
  • Early beginning: Jacob's interest in acting and performing started at the age of 7, It was in the school he realized he wanted to seek a future in performance arts.
  • Top searched celebrity: Jacob Sartorius was the top 9th most searched musical artist of year 2016.
  • Billboard Hot 100: Jacob's debut single song 'Sweatshirt' made it into the USA & Canada top 100 list in 2016.
  • Jacob plays guitar and also sings vocals.
  • Bullying: He was bullied at school, he made videos on bullying which became viral, but sadly, he got bullied more at school. He had to change 3 schools in 2015 alone to escape from the "verbal and physical" bullying.
  • Medications & Therapy: Jacob revealed in February 2019 that he had been undergoing therapy since when he was 11 year old and taking medications to cope with the stress and troubles.
  • Vine Videos: Jacob started uploading videos on Vine in 2014 at the age of 11, his first video which was about bullying , it became quickly popular and provided him the wind to a successful career online
  • Musical.ly: Jacob rose to fame through his short videos of lip-syncing to popular songs and videos, he gathered millions upon millions (20+ million in 2019) of followers in a quick time.
  • Jacob did a magical trick based fun video 'The Magic Key' with Collins Key for youtube in 2016.
  • Jacob's first live performance was in Baltimore on 7th May 2016
  • Comparison to Justin Bieber: During his Magcon tour in Baltimore he was compared to Justin Bieber, 'Business insider' called him 'The next could be Justin Bieber'
  • Gym workout: Jacob doesn't miss Gym sessions, he has put on good muscles in the biceps.
  • March for Our Lives: Jacob attended the 2018 March Los Angeles 'March For our Lives' protest, he was one of the speakers who spoke at the event
  • Millie Bobbie Brown: teen actress Millie Bobbie Brown (of Stranger Things) dated for 7 months from 2017 till July 2018.
  • Some of his favorite snacks are: M & Ms, Snickers, Lays chips, Doritos
  • Pets: He has cats named Prince. He loves dogs too, preferably a German Shepherd. He once had a bird, it flew away.
  • Jacob's brother Trey Sartorius is a Nickelodeon actor.
  • If we are to go by his video (assuming it was not acting), He is terrible at Spelling words.
  • Jacob made his TV debut on MTV's TRL
  • Twitter success: He was adjudged 5th most engaged user on Twitter in 2018
  • Instagram: Jacob is one of the most engaged users on Instagram, with plenty million followers
  • Youtube: Jacob's youtube channel, though has less followers than Instagram still has millions of followers, He often publishes his music videos on youtube channel, he has a secondary channel where he previously used to publish videos on his life.
  • Best Friend: A hometown friend named Ma is Jacob's best friend, they went to preschool together.
  • Pet peeves: He hates it when people bite their nail in public
  • He wanted to be a Pirate after watching 'Pirates of the Caribbean' series
  • Braces: He used to wear braces for a long period since childhood, after removing braces, he said "It feels butt naked in the mouth"
  • He wants to learn how to ride a unicycle, "may be I can join circus one day" he quips.
  • One thing he can't live without- Mobile phone
  • He likes it when his fans change their last names to "Sartorius" to show him support
  • Does he like dating his fans? Yes, if they have nice personality, he doesn't mind
  • What age does he like to get married? 25
  • Dream job? He wanted to be a construction worker as a kid
  • Sartorians: His fans are called Sartorians.
  • He can wiggle his ear
  • He can juggle things in his hand
  • Controversy: Jacob once talked critical of a fan's looks, he faced lot of criticism for that
  • Tattoos: Jacob doesn't have any tattoos on him, he wants get tattoos after he turns 18, He wants to have Bill Nye (TV presenter, Science promoter) on his back.


  • Sweatshirt: Jacob released his first music video in 2016 through Alissa & Emmas Music Group. The song was written by Alissa Ingham & Emma Delaney Haley Rae Cohen, produced by Tyler Costantino. It featured actress Luna Blaise, The video became an instant target to internet trolls, it received about 75% dislikes on the youtube page, with more than 2 million dislikes, it in fact made into the most disliked youtube videos list on wikipedia. The song reached peak rank of 81 in Canada and 90 in USA.
  • The Last Text (Extended play): EP had 8 songs in it. It was produced by T3 music group with- Christopher Rojas, Mario Marchetti, Russell Ali, Sanjoy. EP trended in the 32nd position on the US billboard.
    1. Last Text
    2. By Your Side
    3. Bingo
    4. Love Me Back
    5. Jordans
    6. All My Friends
    7. Hit or Miss
    8. Sweatshirt (remix)
  • Hit or Miss: It was produced by T3 Music Group, written by Jacob Sartorius himself and the critics compared it to the early songs of Justin Bieber.
  • Left Me Hangin', Better With You, Where Have You Been? are among his other EPs.
  • Award Nominations: He has received quite a few award nominations over the years
    • Teen Choice Awards
    • iHeart Radio Music Awards
    • Kids' Choice Awards
    • Radio Disney Music Awards
  • Some of the tours he has been part of are:
    • All My Friends Tour
    • The Last Text World Tour
    • The Left Me Hangin' Tour
    • Night & Day Tour


  • [To his fans] I'm pretty open with you guys, I consider you guys my family.. I feel like I can share anything with you guys.
  • [About his adoption] Luckily for me, I was adopted by 2 loving parents, my mom and dad.
  • You guys give me the support that I need to get through any tough times that come.
  • Through the thick and thin, haters and supporters, I love you guys
  • [About link ups] I don't date every girl that I talk to
  • I make tunes for your ears and I love chocolate milk
  • Not everything you think is true
  • You deserve happiness & peace, you don't have to figure everything out right now, take a deep breath
  • Be different it is way cooler than trying to impress everybody
  • I fell in love with you because you loved me when i couldn't love myself
  • You can't change who you are without changing what you do
  • They don't appreciate until you in a casket
  • Half the time I say yes I mean no.
  • It scares me when people say you know yourself better than anybody because to be honest half the time I'm alone i don't know who i am or what i want
  • I'm so dedicated to whatever I do
  • I see through the smile that you are faking
  • I get bored in airports
  • I'm the king of deleting pictures
  • The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It is a very mean and nasty place & i don't care how tough you are, it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it.
  • They used to say I'd never make it, and that's the reason that I will
  • I'm not good at taking compliments


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