Barron Trump

Barron Trump

Date Of BirthMarch 20, 2006
Age18 years 3 months 0 days
Day of BirthMonday
Place Of BirthManhattan, New York City, New York
Zodiac SignPisces
Nickname Little Donald
Full Name Barron William Trump

Personal Information
Residence White House, United States
Trump Tower (during the presidency of his father he will live at the White House)
Religion Christianity (Presbyterian)
Languages English , Slovenian , French
Star SignPisces
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Complexion White
Trademark Melania Eyes
Body Features & Measurements
Height180 (in 2017) CM
5 Feet 11 Inches
Eye colorGreen
Hair color Blonde
Weight48 KG
106 lbs
Shoe Size9
Body Type Slim
Family Information
Mother Melania Trump (Melania Knauss)
Uncles Robert Trump (Paternal)
Fred Jr Trump (Paternal)
Grandfathers Frederick Christ Trump (Paternal)
Viktor Knavs (Maternal)
Nephews Spencer Frederick Trump (Donald Trump Jr)
Donald John Trump (Donald Trump Jr)
Theodore James Kushner (Ivanka Trump)
Tristan Milos Trump (Donald Trump Jr)
Nieces Chloe Sophia Trump (Donald Trump Jr)
Kai Madison Trump (Daughter of Donald Trump Jr)
Joseph Frederick Kushner (Ivanka Trump)
Arabella Rose Kushner (Ivanka Trump)
Grandmothers Mary Anne Trump (Paternal)
Amalija Ulčnik (Maternal)
Aunts Maryanne Trump Barry (Paternal)
Ines Knavs (Maternal)
Elizabeth Trump (Paternal)
Half Brothers Donald Trump Jr.
Eric Trump
Half Sisters Tiffany Ariana Trump
Ivanka Trump
Education Qualifications
Education(School) St. Andrew's Episcopal School (Potomac, Maryland)
Education (Elementary/ Primary) Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School (Manhattan, New York City, New York)
Favorites, Hobbies, Likes/ Dislikes
Favorite SportFootball
Fidget spinner
Favorite Animals Lion
Favorite Subjects Mathematics
Favorite Pastime Golf
Social Networks, Web links
Twitter ProfileBarron Trump Twitter Profile


Barron William Trump was born on 20th March 2006 as the youngest child of Melania Trump(mother) and Donald Trump(father). 

He has 4 siblings from his father's previous marriages, he is the youngest child of both his parents.

His siblings are:

  • Donald Trump Jr.(born 1977)
  • Ivanka Trump(born 1981)
  • Eric Trump(born 1984)
  • Tiffany Ariana Trump(born 1993)


Barron Trump interesting Facts and Trivia

  • Birth: He was born on a Monday morning at 5 AM, he weighed 8 pounds and 5 ounces
  • Ancestry: Barron is of German(paternal), Scottish(paternal) and Slovenian(maternal) descent.
  • Baptism: Barron was baptized at the The Episcopal Church in Palm Beach, Florida
  • TV Appearances: Barron has appeared on some TV shows like- The Apprentice(a reality game show), The Oprah Winfrey Show 
  • Television Debut: Barron appeared on his father's show The Apprentice at the age of 8
  • The Oprah Show: Barron has been on the show twice, once in 2006 when he was just a baby, second time in 2011
  • Barron Trump Autism Rumor: Many TV Medias suspected him to be autistic, there are no official records of him being Autistic
  • Multilinguial: Barron has learnt Slovenian from his mother Melania who thought "it is very important that I am able to converse with my child in my primary language", English is first language and he has learnt French as well. He could speak Slovenian and English by the age of 3.
  • Residence: Barron has lived at the trump Tower with his mother Melania and father Donald Trump, during his father's presidency he shifted to White House after his then academic year and moved to White House in June 2017. For someone living in Trump Tower, White House is actually a downgrade.
  • Presidential campaign: He made three appearances at his father's campaigns during the 2016 presidential elections in South Carolina. He attended his father's presidential victory speech as well as Republican party speech.
  • Spotlight: Mother Melania has kept Barron away from the spotlight quite successfully.
  • Barron: One of the Donald Trump's biographers speculates that Donald named his son Barron after Barron Hilton of Hilton group of hotels, others speculate it could be from his ancestral German.
  • Football Fan: Barron is a huge fan of soccer team Arsenal F.C., Islington, London, England. He has also met the players of American football team D.C. United during Easter Egg Roll
  • Football player: He was selected in the Under 12 team of D.C. United's Development Academy in 2017. He played as the midfielder.
  • Natural Athlete: Other than Football he is also seen playing Golf, he takes Basketball as well as Tennis lessons. His father Donald called him a "natural athlete". His mother described him as "natural athlete in whatever sport he plays"
  • Convtroversy: There were vicious tweets directed towards children of Donald Trump after his election as the president of USA in 2016, unfortunately some of that bile was directed towards Baron Trump too, a writer on SNL (Saturday Night Live) tweeted that "Barron will be this country's first first home schoole shooter". A comedy central writer wrote that "Barron is the most horrible thing unimaginable". It is sad to see so many people can't keep their venom away from children of people they hate. Actor Peter Fonda made a tweet in bad taste for which elder brother Donald Trump Jr. tweeted back very critically.
  • Baby whisperer: He is very fond of Ivanka's children (and children in general), he is often seen playing with the babies. His eldest sister Ivanka tweeted, fondly calling him the "baby whisperer".
  • Little Donald: He is fondly called Little Donald, for he is the youngest of Donald's children and th most similar to him in looks. He is younger to his eldest sibling Donald Jr. by 29 years.
  • Trump Tower: Barron has his own floor in the Manhattan penthouse.
  • First Son in the White House since JFK Jr.: He is the first male child of a sitting president to live in the White House since the times of JFK Jr. in 1963.
  • He is believed to be a very intelligent kid, some called him the smartest Trump Kid, mother Melania describes him as "strong minded, very special, smart boy, independent, opinionated"
  • He has many friends, he loves playing alone as well, he keeps himself busy. He is said to be fond of building large structures, be it on the beas=ch sands or using Legos.
  • He doesn't like to wear sweatpants
  • Barron was not raised by nannies, his mother Melania looked after him alone with her husband's help.
  • He is believed to use his mother Melania's company skin care products
  • Barron decorates his own room, except for the bed which has to be "white and clean" he takes care of the room himself.
  • Social Media: As of 2017 he is not on any social media. (Most social media accounts require one should be of age 13 or higher) There is a twitter account tweeted by Melania Trump, but it still  doesn't have any tweets (could be a fake or could be waiting for him to turn 13).
  • Internet Memes: He is said to be fondof internet Memes, especially "Pepe the Frog"
  • Very Tall: Barron is about 5 feet 10 inches at the age of 11, his mother is 5 feet 9, while father Donald Trump is 6 feet 2 inches. If his pace of growth continues, he could grow very tall.

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