Danielle Cohn

Danielle Cohn

Date Of BirthMay 7, 2004
Age20 years 1 months 13 days
Day of BirthFriday
Place Of BirthFlorida, United States
Zodiac SignTaurus
Professions Model , YouTuber , Singer
Nickname Dani
Full Name Danielle Haleigh Cohn

Personal Information
Residence Los Angeles, California, United States
Religion Christianity
Language English
Nationality American
Complexion White
Famous For Instagram Modeling
Trademarks cute smile , Baby Face
Body Features & Measurements
Height152 CM
4 Feet 12 Inches
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair color Blonde
Weight44 KG
97 lbs
Shoe Size7
Dress Size4
Figure Measurements 30-25-31
Figure Type Hourglass
Bra Size 30B
Family Information
Father Dustin Cohn
Mother Jennifer Archambault (Jennifer Cohn)
Brother Chad Archambault (Chad Cohn)
Grandmother Linda Archambault (Lives near Orlando)
Body Build Slim
Love, Romance, Marriage
Boyfriends Mikey Tua (Ex; broke up in 2019)
Case Walker (Rumored)
Owen Bodnar (Rumored)
Ethan Fair
Sebastian Topete (Ex; till May 2018)
Greg Marks (Rumored)
Career Information
Years Active 2010-
Favorites, Hobbies, Likes/ Dislikes
Favorite Actor Robert Pattinson
Favorite Actress Kristen Stewart
Favorite ColorPink
Favorite SportFootball
Favorite DrinkPink lemonade
Favorite TV show Pretty Little Liars
Favorite CuisineChinese
LikesRob Gronkowski
Marilyn Monroe
Favorite Sports Teams New England Patriots
Boston Red Sox
Favorite City Paris
Favorite Brands Tilly's and Rue 21 (Clothing)
Forever 21
Favorite Snack Yogurt
Social Networks, Web links
Twitter ProfileDanielle Cohn Twitter Profile
Instagram ProfileDanielle Cohn Instagram Profile
YouTube ChannelDanielle Cohn YouTube Channel
Spotify LinkDanielle Cohn Spotify Link
Tik Tok profileDanielle Cohn Tik Tok profile
Contact (Email)jennifer6262002@yahoo.com (From Youtube channel)
More Information
Friends Sebastian Bails (Best Friend)
Justin Blake
Tyler Brown
Jess Spohr
Net worth$3 Million (2019)


Danielle Cohn is a singer, an Instagram star, a musical.ly superstar and youtuber. 

Childhood - Family

Danielle Cohn aka Dani Chon was born in Florida, United states on May 7th 2004 to Jennifer Archambault(mother)- a school teacher & Dustin Cohn(father).


Danielle's mother Jennifer Cohn was instrumental in Danielle opening social media accounts. Danielle lived with her parents till she was a teenager, her parents are split up now. Her father threw her mother out of the house. Dani and Chad (Jen's son from previous relationship) being close to their mother chose to live with their mother.

Danielle Cohn with her mother Jennifer Cohn

Image: Danielle Cohn with her mother Jennifer Cohn


Danielle's father Dustin Cohn lives in Orlando with his wife Heather Cohn (Heather Winslow) and their daughter.

Dustin and Jennifer had broken up some time after Danielle was born. Jennifer, Chad and Danielle lived with Dustin's family for 10 years even after breaking up, for the sake of kids. He has a neuromuscular condition, his mother had been battling cancer.

Danielle Cohn's father Dustin Cohn, his wife Heather Cohn & Danielle's stepsister

[ Danielle Cohn's father Dustin Cohn, his wife Heather Cohn & Danielle's stepsister ]


She has a brother named Chad Cohn (older to her by 2 years), Chad is popular on Tik Tok. Chad also appears on Dani's youtube videos sometimes.

Danielle Cohn with her brother Chad Cohn

[ Danielle Cohn with her brother Chad Cohn ]

Boyfriend- Dating

Kevin Bruhitz & Danielle Cohn

Two days after her breakup with Ethan Fair, she was seen going to prom with Kevin Bruhitz.

Danielle Cohn & Ethan Fair

Daniel announced in a 19th October 2019 video about her new boyfriend Ethan Fair. They had known each other since 2015, they had been on talking terms since 2016. She had avoided getting close to him previously because one of her best friends had a crush on him.

He surprised her with a promise ring in the first week of January 2020, they were broke up by the 2nd week of January. 

[ Danielle with her new boyfriend ]


Danielle Cohn & Mikey Tua

Danielle had been dating youtube and instagram star Mikey Tua. They have posted lot of pranks and entertaining videos together. They got into a controversy because of a fake "pregnancy and marriage" video.

Danielle and Mike had bought a mansion together in 2019 for $1.4 million, it had a swimming pool of its own, a pool table for entertainment, a car garage among other facilities that come with a million dollar house. They had a pet cat.

Danielle Cohn & Mikey Tua

[ Danielle Cohn & Mikey Tua ]

Breakup: Soon after Danielle's father Dustin Cohn revealed her real age to be just 13 (in September 2013), Mike Tua's parents got concerned, they took away his instagram account (to be reinstated later after going through legal stuff) and his mom Katie stated that they were no longer in support of his relationship with Danielle because of her age. [1]

Mikey's dad Delvin Tua posted this on his social media page- "I love my son very much. All I want is for him to be safe with himself and his decisions. As parents, we need to protect him from any harm that might come his way. He wants to get emancipated and I understand that but his emancipation could get him in prison. Dani is not 15."

Following these events, in a video now deleted, Danielle hinted that Danielle and Mike may be back together, that Mike's parents are blackmailing him and holding him.

Danielle Cohn  & Sebastian Topete

Danielle and fellow social media star Sebastian Topete dated for over an year till May 2018 when they broke up.

Social Media Followers Stats

Danielle's Social Media stats as of Feb 2020 are as follows:

Social Media Subscribers/ Followers Count
Twitter 88,000
Youtube 1,620,000
Instagram 4,500,000
Tik Tok 16,200,000
Total 22 Million+


Music career

  • Audity Music: She has a contract signed with the music record producers- Audity Music
  • Teen Choice Award: she received a nomination at the 2017 event for 'Choice Muser.'

Danielle has performed, starred and written lyrics for a number of music videos, most of her music videos are published on her Youtube channel itself.


Year Song Release
Direction Writers Comments
2019 You're the Only Thing Dec 25, 2019  

Cristina Ballestero

Ethan Fair

Andrew lane

Miguel Palmero

producer- Miguel Palmetto

2019 Secreto Oct 25, 2019 Joe bland

Ryan Mack

Producer- BobbyJ Frausto

2019 Siempre Sep 22, 2019 Joe bland


Edited by Joe bland; song produced by Hustle Division

2019 Mi Amor Jul 14, 2019 Joe bland


Video Producer: Joe Bland 

Song Producer: Hustle Division

2019 Somebody Like You Jun 12, 2019 Joe bland


Video Producer: Joe Bland 

Song Producer: Hustle Division

2019 No Way Mar 31, 2019 Joe bland


Song Producer:  Dimitri Green

Video Producer: Joe Bland 

2019 LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION! Jan 20, 2019 Sheldon F. Robins

Sheldon F. Robins

producers- Menina Fortunato, Sheldon F Robins

2018 California Time Oct 27, 2018 Reel Mike Jones

Dani Cohn

Jon Hall

Matthew Wong

Produced By-  Michelle Bennett

2018 Little Like Paradise Mar 8, 2018 Joe Bland

Button Pushers

Dani Cohn

Jon Hall

Jake Scott


2017 Fix Your Heart Dec 9, 2017 Joslyn Nyce

Dani Cohn

Jon Hall

Matthew Wong

Audity Music
2017 Hate On The Summer Aug 3, 2017  

Jon Hall 

Matt Wong

produced by Jon Hall & Matt Wong
2017 Treat You Better Jul 21, 2017  


feat Case Walker; originally by Shawn Mendes
2017 What's it about you Jun 5, 2017 Joe Bland

John Hall

feat Case Walker ;

Produced by- Dre Picaso, Jerald Cavitt

2017 Marilyn Monroe May 3, 2017      


[ Danielle Cohn- Marilyn Monroe ]


Interesting Facts & Trivia

  • Don't judge me challenge: Dani's mom Jennifer was working 3 jobs at the time, she had left her phone at home, which she rarely did, Dani took her mom's phone and started browsing the apps, being a music lover she got hooked on to the Musical.ly app and started posting the challenge videos, she eventually became a star on musically.
  • The success: Dani gradually started making money on social media, she was too young to have her own account, so she used her mother's bank account to receive the money, her mother was initially not okay with Dani making money through social media posts, but when she saw Dani was happy doing the stuff she liked Jennifer agreed to be supportive of her.
  • Miss Florida Jr. Preteen Queen: Before achieving success as a singer and instagram model she had won Miss Florida Jr. Preteen Queen award in 2014. In 2012 and 2013 she was the 2nd and 4th runner-up
  • Supermodels Unlimited: Danielle has worked with 'Supermodels Unlimited' for a few years
  • Endorsements: She has worked in ads and endorsements with brands such as-
    • Bang Energy Drinks
    • Fashion Nova
    • Juicy Couture
    • Lisa B Jewelry
    • Target: Danielle has designed clothes in collaboration with Target, the product is sold with the name 'Art Class Fall Semester'
  • Mansion: She bought a $1.4 Million Mansion in 2019 with her then boyfriend Mikey Tua, the mansion has a swimming pool, pool table, garage (to park a car which she can't drive for a few more years). 
  • Her parents used to fight constantly before splitting up, Dani wouldn't invite her friends home, Dani was even scared to leave the parents to themselves at home, so she wouldn't go to her friends' home unless one of the parents went with her.
  • Animal Lover: Danielle Cohn has a dog named silver.
  • She goes to online school. She takes online classes
  • She has an uncle named Rich, he reviewed her instagram photos in one of her youtube videos
  • She bought her mother a car in July 2018
  • Multitalented: She photoshops her own pictures, she is multi-talented
  • She doesn't have tattoos on her
  • Dani has a diamond on her tooth
  • POMS Tour: Danielle hosted the tour in 2017 with social media stars like- Case Walker, Cole Walker, Conner Tenbrink, Connor Finnerty

Age controversy

It is widely believed that Danielle is faking her age, Danielle has stated that she was born in 2004, however her father's facebook post in September 2019 revealed that she was only 13 at the time, that meant she was most likely born in 2006 or in the last months of 2005, not earlier.

Her father wrote this on his facebook post regarding her age "Danielle is 13. I have never liked Danielle being on social media especially when she started at such an early age.."

When asked about her father's post, Danielle replied that he was lying and taking out his anger on her mother through these lies. Danielle and mother have been critical of Dustin's mother for trying to stop Danielle dating much older guys than her.

Danielle Cohn Birth Certificate

There is a birth certificate posted online (assumed to be a leak from her father) which mentions her birth date to be March 7th 2006. We can't guarantee that this is a legitimatebirth certificate, nevertheless here it is.

Danielle Cohn birth certificate

[ Danielle Cohn birth certificate ]

Previously a youtube reporter had done some research through Danielle's school year books to prove that she was still in the 5th grade (in 2019), thus making her to be two years younger than what she actually is. Danielle had made a reply video in which she claimed she was held back two years at school. (As per her father she is a brilliant student)

Eating disorder

Dani had a severe eating disorder in her past, she was in the cheer leading team and her coach wanted her to lose some fat, it hurt her and she stopped eating more than bare necessity, it made her weak, she learned her lesson eventually, stopped caring for what other people thought of her.

Pregnancy & marriage Controversy

Danielle posted a video of her getting married to Mikey Tua in 2019 and announced that she was pregnant. It was a prank video, but without explicit mention of the prank some got confused and down voted it, even reported it, she was just 15 at the time and some saw it as over the board.

Some thought that it was in bad taste to show hereslf pregnant at the age of 15, lot of her fans are young girls, it could have had wrong influence on them.

Danielle Cohn in Harvard Sweater

Danielle posted a video of her dancing to "I don't mind" by Usher wearing a Harvard sweater. It became a huge hit with about 2.5 Million Likes. There were some funny videos posted on twitter imitating her dance movies, while presenting what the dance would look like from the perspective of her Right nostril, her ceiling fan and so on.

Car accident

She had a serious car accident in June of 2018 when she was out with her friends, she was in the middle of back seat without proper belt support, both her shoulders got fractured, but luckily for her, only her right hand was seriously hurt, everyone else managed with very less harm.

Questions & Answers

  • Is Dani Cohn pregnant?
    • She is not pregnant. 'I have never ever done anything to even get pregnant' says Dani.
  • What are Danielle Cohn's fans called?
    • Dani's supporters are called Danimals, she calls them 'my danimals'. She doesn't call her fans 'fans', she feels it is disrespectful to call them fans, she calls them her supporters.
  • Where can I find Danielle Cohn Merchandize?
  • How old is Danielle cohn really?
    • Danielle's real age is not known from official sources, but speculated. Her father's facebook post suggested that she was actually 2 years younger than what she is stating to be. She claims to have been born in 2004, her father's post suggests she was mot likely born in 2006.


  • If you are embarrassed of something, don't go out of your way to make it seem like it is better, because when you are caught up in the lie, it is just not fun.
  • Music is something that always makes me happy naturally 
  • Musically (app) actually saved me
  • The reason I don't look so sad is because I'm so proud of myself for being able to accomplish this much from literally nothing
  • Do not be ashamed of your past, just be proud of where you came from.
  • Do not let people get to you, when you let people get to you, you get something bad in return back.
  • Whatever path you are going, keep going on that path, because it is meant for you, of course if you don't love the path you are going, change it
  • If you love doing something, keep doing it.
  • Social media has definitely changed the way I look at things, but it has not changed the person I was before, I still talk to all my friends the same way. I think Social media changed me for good
  • Since the day I was born I have been a #patriots fan and so glad I am
  • It is hard to find friends who are loyal when you think they are, you see the truth
  • Life is too short to hold back
  • Make sure you tell your loved ones you love them all the time
  • Do what makes you happy if someone brings a smile to your face then spend time with them, don't worry about others my life flashed in front of my face last week and that moment god blessed me with another day. I will do what makes me happy
  • Dear haters, I have so much more for you be to be mad at. Just be patient
  • People will always try to bring you down cause they want what you have but u need to learn to not give them what they want and be strong I have lost a lot because I believe or give in to much and listen to others, people don’t always have your best interest
  • It's sad when someone starts a rumor and people actually believe it
  • You know you love someone when their eating habits become a part of you
  • Sometimes a friend isn’t as real as you think, may cause you to lose the real ones in your life
  • Obstacles are placed in our way to see if what we want is really worth fighting for
  • Live every moment, laugh everyday, and love beyond words


  1. Dustin Cohn Facebook post on his daughter's age

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