Bethany Ashton Wolf

Bethany Ashton Wolf

Date Of Birth1975
Age49 years
Place Of BirthLake Charles, Louisiana, United States
Zodiac Sign
Professions Actress , Producer , Director , Writer
Other Name Bethany Ashton

Personal Information
Religion Christianity
Language English
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Complexion White
Trademark Tall & Slim, Model like
Body Features & Measurements
Height165 CM
5 Feet 5 Inches
Eye color Black
Hair color Black
Weight55 KG
121 lbs
Figure Type Hourglass
Body Type Slim
Family Information
Mother Jane Dennison
Sons Jake Wolf (Jacob Wolf)
Trevor Wolf
Daughter Kait Wolf (Kaitlynn Wolf)
Brothers Jace Johnson
Bradley Dennison
Sister Amy Johnson Marshall
Nieces Ava Montgomery Marshall
Jane Marshall
Zoe Wolf
Brothers In-Law Dan Wolf
Chris Marshall
Aunt Ray Henrich
Relative Halisi Byrd Wolf
Stepfather Denny B. Dennison
Acquaintance Tayler Jade (Jake's girlfriend)
Education Qualifications
Education (High School) St. Louis Catholic High School (Lake Charles, Louisiana)
Alma MaterICCS
Love, Romance, Marriage
Husband Josh Wolf
Career Information
Debut (Movie) First & Last (2001) (as director)
Years Active 1997-
Debut(Short movie) Burgundy Room(1997) (as writer, producer & actor)
Favorites, Hobbies, Likes/ Dislikes
Social Networks, Web links
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More Information
Friend Jessica Schatz
Inspirations Sara Jones
Mary Woosley
Mickey LaBorde
Sally Cappel
Lenita Boudreaux
Leslie Quinn
Pat Dow


Bethany Ashton Wolf is an American movie actress, director, writer & producer. She is known for writing & directing the romantic drama Forever My Girl (2018) starring Alex Roe & Jessica Rothe.

She has written and directed Little Chenier (2006), a multiple award winning movie.

Childhood - Family

Bethany Ashton Wolf was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States in 1975 to Jane Dennison(mother). She was brought up in Louisiana, she did all her studing in Louisiana.

Bethany Ashton childhood with her dad

[ Bethany Ashton childhood with her dad ]

Denny B. Dennison is her stepfather. He has helped Bethany and her siblings in their career. He was instrumental in Bethany deciding to go to Los Angeles seeking a career in the film industry. He drove her to Los Angeles himself.


Bethany has a sister in Amy Johnson Marshall, Amy is married to Chris Marshall, they have two daughters in Jane Marshall & Ava Montgomery Marshall. Amy has been supportive of her sister's projects, she has co-produced Bethany's movie Little Chenier(2006)

She has a brother in Jace Johnson, Jace & Bethany have co-written and co-produced the movie Little Chenier(2006)

Bradley Dennison is her half-brother. 

Bethany Ashton Wolf Family- parents, Siblings & Nieces

[ Bethany Ashton Wolf Family- parents (Mother & stepfather), Siblings & Nieces ]


  • High School: She attended the 'Saint Louis Catholic High School' in Lake Charles, Louisiana for her high schooling.


Josh Wolf & Bethany Ashton

Bethany married writer/ actor & stand-up comedian Josh Wolf in 2004. He is known for his works- "Dads in Parks"(as writer), "Chelsea Lately"(as writer), "Raising Hope"(as actor), "My Name Is Earl" (as actor). He had a show of his own named "The Josh Wolf Show"

Bethany Ashton & Josh Wolf

[ Bethany Ashton & Josh Wolf ]

Josh is the author of the book 'It Takes Balls', he covers his trials as a single father at 25 with a daughter and sons.

The two were set up on a blind date by their common friend Mark Schulman. The couple participate in various charity events, they are very much supportive of the troops.

Bethany Ashton & Josh Wolf wedding

[ Bethany Ashton & Josh Wolf wedding ]

The wedding: Kaitlynn was one of the flower bearers, Bethany's stepfather Denny Dennison walked her to the aisle.


Josh Wolf & Bethany Ashton have three children (Josh's children from previous relationship):

  • Trevor Wolf (born in 1995)
  • Kaitlynn Wolf (born in 1997)
  • Jacob Wolf (born in 2000)

Bethany Ashton Wolf family

[ Bethany Ashton Wolf family- Husband & children ]

Facts & Trivia

  • Little Chenier: her indie movie 'Little Chenier' has won more than 20 awards at various film festivals.
  • Move to Los Angeles: She moved to Los Angeles after her graduation to seek a career in writing and direction.
  • Animals Lover: She has a pet dog named Millie, she is supporter of animal rescue. She has had a pet dog named Rock.
  • A path breaker: When she entered Hollywood as a director, there were about 1% female directors in Hollywood, those were hard times being a female creator. She has stood her ground and succeeded in achieving distinction as a respected creator. As per the new stats there are about 4% female directors in Hollywood.
  • Collaboration: She sometimes writer scripts in collaboration with her brother Jace Johnson.
  • Initially she wouldn't let anyone else direct her scripts, eventually she agreed to let others direct, strangely she got chances to direct her scripts soon after.
  • Philanthropy
    • FREE TO BE AN ARTIST: She is the owner and creator of the online platform "FREE TO BE AN ARTIST", it helps people pursue their dreams, they are a clothing line which supports budding artists.
  • Louisiana Love: Her stories (Little Chenier, Forever my girl) are often set in Louisiana, she is a Louisiana girl at heart.
  • Eternal wonder lover: She describes herself as the 'Eternal wonder lover' on her Instagram bio.



Other than her own films, Bethany has also contributed in the writing department of various films- 'Other People's Love Letters', 'Time Between Us', 'The Pilgrimage of Layla', 'On the 12th Day' and others. 'Bullrider' has her own feature film screenplay. She has written a feature screenplay for 'Love Scene', she has directed a short movie based on that. She has written screenplay for the feature film 'A Letter to Shea', she is expected to direct the movie.

Forever My Girl (2018)

Bethany wrote and directed the romantic drama film (based on the novel by Heidi McLaughlin) in 2018. Alex Roe played the lead actor Liam, while Jessica Rothe played Josie.

The story is about a country musician who tries to revive the relationship with the love of his life (a florist) whom he had ditched at the altar 8 years ago. Liam, the country musician is successful after many years and has a rich life style, he hears the news of his best friend's death in an accident and  returns to his hometown to attend the funeral. Josie, the florist whom he and ditched earlier recognizes him and punches him in the stomach.

While staying at his father Pastor Brian's, he visits the flower shop owned by Josie, he comes to know Josie has a 7 year old girl Billy and that she is his daughter. Liam persuades Josie to let him spend time with his daughter, Billy quickly realizes that Liam is her father and bonds with her father.

Liam confesses that he had left Josie over the fear of losing her, his fear of losing loved ones haunted him after losing his mother, Josie and Liam get back together. Billy finds inspiration in music through her father and joins her father's group as a singer.

Critics were critical of the acting and writing, however the public were quite receptive. The movie did quite well in the box office for a $3.5 million budget project, it grossed about $16 Million in the theaters.

[ Forever My Girl- Trailer ]

Love Scene(2013)

She wrote, directed & produced a short story on the life of actress Vivien Leigh. It starred Caitlin Harris, Sebastian Dunn, Robert Hook, Kim Kendall and others.

The movie won Best Short Film & Best Screenplay award at the Big Easy International Film Festival. It was nominated in the Best Screenplay & Best Short Film at the Atlanta Film Festival.

Little Chenier (2006)

Bethany has written, produced and directed the drama movie 'Little Chenier'. 

It is a story of two brothers (neglected by their father, abandoned by their mother) Beaux & Pemon victimized by Carl, the son of the Sheriff, it is a story of Love, eloping, affair and forced love. 

Johnathon Schaech appeared as Beaux, Frederick Koehler played Pemon, Tamara Braun was the lead female character 'Marie-Louise', Jeremy Davidson played the evil Carl LeBauve.

The movie was chiefly produced by Clifton Collins Jr.. Bethany's family involved itself in the various aspects of the movie. Her mother Jane Dennison, sister Amy N. Johnson, brother Jace Johnson co-produced the movie. Jace Johnson was also involved with the story writing.

Tamara Braun won the 'best actress' award for her role at Honolulu Film Awards. Composer Michael Picton won 'Best Impact of Music in a Feature Film' award at the Park City Film Music Festival & 'Best Music Score' award at the Solstice Film Festival. Cast won the Best Ensemble' award at the Phoenix Film Festival. About 21 awards in total at various film festivals.

Trivia: The community of Little Chenier they had shot the film on was destroyed by Hurricane Rita just 31 days after the shooting was completed. The movie was shot on a tight schedule, they took just 28 days to shoot the movie.

Don's Plum(2001)

The film she co-wrote didn't see the release in the USA because of legal litigations (has been released outside). It had stars like Kevin Connelly, Leonardo Dicaprio, Tobey Maguire and others. Bethany has also produced and acted in the movie.

Apparently Leonardo Dicaprio & Tobey Maguire were unhappy with the producers. They were paid a measly $575 per day to act. After a while both the sides reached a compromise, according to the compromise some scenes were cut form the movie and it was only allowed to be released outside the USA.

It is a black and white indie film directed by R. D. Robb. Bethany was one of the writers along with Robb, Tewd Beckman, David Stutman, Dale Wheatley. The movie was received with mixed reviews by the critics. Mike D'Angelo of 'Time Out New York' called it "The best film (he saw) in the Berlin". While Variety Magazine called it "unpleasant and tedious ensemble"

The movie is available on youtube for online viewing

[Movie- Don's Plum]


Movies List

Year Movie Character Comment
2018 Forever My Girl   Writer & Director
2006 Little Chenier   Writer, Producer & Director
2001 Don's Plum Grace Forrester Writer, Producer & Actress
1999 Decade (endz)   as Actress
1997 First & Last Charlie  Writer, Producer, Director  & Actress


TV series List

Year TV series Character Comment
2000 Grapevine Elena "Pilot" (Season 1 Episode 1)
1997 Pacific Blue Joyce Adams "Soul Mate" (Season 3 Episode 11)


Short Movies List

Year Movie Character Comment
2014 Midnight Juliet   Writer & Driector
2013 Love Scene   Writer, Producer & Director
2004 Wait Kate Writer, Actor, Producer & Director
1997 Burgundy Room Katie Jones Writer, Actor & Producer



Year Won? Award Project Category Comments
2013 Nomination Atlanta Film Festival Love Scene Best Screenplay  
2013 Nomination Atlanta Film Festival Love Scene Best Short Film  
2013 WON Big Easy International Film Festival Love Scene Best Short Film  
2013 WON Big Easy International Film Festival Love Scene Best Screenplay  
2007 WON Honolulu Film Awards Little Chenier Best Feature Film  
2007 WON Park City Film Music Festival Little Chenier Best Impact of Music in a Feature Film with composer Michael Picton



  • As an artist, I'm very strong willed & I refuse to pick up my ball and go home.
  • Standing in my truth as an artist is the only way that I can be an artist
  • When you don't have money, you must plan and strategize
  • There is no time limit on your heart's desires, no matter what society or anyone else may try to persuade you to believe instead
  • I'm free to be whatever I want to be.
  • I want to serve. I want to create a way where I can directly and positively change people's lives for the better.
  • I want to give back and pay it forward to the next aspiring artists
  • [About direction] It was difficult for me as a female from South with no background in the industry.
  • As a director you have to be at the helm of things.
  • There are times when people believe it is not your calling and you should pursue something else, I believe there is no time for calling, you should do what you love no matter how old you are.
  • Fot me, it would be like cutting my arm and giving it to someone else if I have to give my script to someone else.
  • [About direction] It is juggling a lot, all at once
  • [About a writer's insecurity at handing their child (script) to someone else] I really thought I would die if I handed my writing to someone else.


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