Matthew Boling

Matthew Boling

Date Of BirthJune 20, 2000
Age24 years 0 months 28 days
Day of BirthTuesday
Place Of BirthHouston, Texas, United States
Zodiac SignGemini
Nicknames The Boogie Man , White Lightning , the Horseman

Personal Information
Residence Houston, Texas
Religion Christianity
Language English
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Body Features & Measurements
Height188 (2019) CM
6 Feet 2 Inches
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde
Weight70 (2019) KG
154 lbs
Shoe Size10
Body Type Athletic
Family Information
Fathers Michael Boling
Mark Boling (Attorney)
Mother Monique Boling
Brother Michael Boling
Relatives Chris Boling
Hayley Grace Boling
Babette S Boling
Ashley Boling Molyneaux
Education Qualifications
Education (High School) Strake Jesuit Preparatory School
Career Information
Years Active 2013-
Favorites, Hobbies, Likes/ Dislikes
Favorite Actress Natalie Portman
Favorite MovieAvengers Infinity war
Favorite SportFootball (American)
LikesAdrian Peterson (American Footballer)
Favorite Rappers Travis Scott
Favorite Social Media Twitter
Favorite Music Genre Rap
Social Networks, Web links
Facebook ProfileMatthew Boling Facebook Profile
Twitter ProfileMatthew Boling Twitter Profile
Instagram ProfileMatthew Boling Instagram Profile
More Information
Friends Claire Kardesch
Mitchell O'Gorman
Sophie McNamara
Adam Farris
Carter Kardesch
Michael Hansen
Cory Kardesch
Walker Whitney
Madison Malouf
Net worth$1-$100000
Coaches Chad Collier (head coach at Strake Jesuit)
Althea Thomas


Matthew Boling is an American sprinter who is known for his record breaking sprint in the under 18 category at 9.98 seconds (April 27, 2019, at the Region 6A-3 track meet). Matthew has run a 10.13 second sprint at the UIL state, creating a new US High School record.

Matthew Boling was born on 20th June, 2000 in Houston, Texas, United States to Mark Boling(father)- an attorney of law & Monique Boling. Matthew has a twin brother named Michael Boling.

Matthew Boling family

Image: Matthew Boling's family at an event, Mother and Father to his sides (bottom row), brother in the middle(top row).

Father Mark Bowling has worked as an attorney in the energy sector, he works to find solutions for climate change. According to Mark, Matthew doesn't get the athleticism from the genes, it is entirely Matthew's work ethics and self-effort.

Mother Monique [1] is an athlete herself, she ran triathlons in her 40s

Matt's brother Michael graduated as Strake Jesuit’s valedictorian.

Video: Matthew Boling runs a sub 10 second sprint at the University Inter school League Race

Matthew Boling Education

  • Strake Jesuit College Preparatory: Matthew had his schooling at the prep school in Houston, Texas. He has had all his education since kindergarten in the same school
  • Strake Jesuit College: Matthew studied at the Strake Jesuit College, Houston, Texas, he would be going to University of Georgia for the graduation.
  • University of Georgia: His sprints have got him a quota seat at the University of Georgia. He will be running track events for them at the Collegiate.

Matthew Boling Interesting Facts & Trivia

  • Rise to Fame: Matthew Boling outran his rivals at the Columbia Stadium, Webster, Texas race by a huge margin, He ran like wind, leaving his competitors at least 5 meters behind him.
  • Fastest American High Schooler: Matthew dashed through the 100m within 10 seconds, he clocked 9.98 seconds on the digital clock, making him the fastest American High schooler ever. He finished with a time gap of 0.29 seconds to his closest competitor. However this sprint won't be recorded as the wind speed was about 4.2 meter per sec in his favor, officially allowed wind speed limit is 2.0 mps. Anthony Schwartz had recorded 10.15 seconds in the under 18 category back in 2017, Matthew's record betters it by a huge 0.17 seconds, however Matthew's record won't make it to the official list, because of the wind factor.
  • Official University record: Matthew ran a 10.13 second sprint in May 2019 to create the official US High school record. He had missed the official record because of higher tailwind just weeks ago.
  • American Football: Matthew is not just a track runner, he is also a (American) very good football player
  • 2018 world junior championships: Matthew Boling was the silver medalist at the championship event held in Tampere in 2018
  • Next Usain Bolt?: Usain Bolt did not run 100m until he was in his 20s, 200m was his main focus, he was even running 400m in the Under 18 category. Usain Bolt had run 100m at Greece in 2007 in 10.03 seconds. Matthew looks well placed to be Mr. Bolt's successor by the comparison, however how drastic is his improvement to come in the net few years is yet to be seen. Mark Lewis-Francis, the British sprinter who has the international record of 9.97 seconds (under favorable wind condition) in the under 18 category did not go on to improve that timing, his official personal best remains 10.04 seconds.
  • White Lightning: He is nicknamed 'White Lightning', he also has other nicknames- Boogey Man, The Horseman. He personally prefers just "Matt". "I cringed when that White Lightning thing started, We’re very hopeful that will die an early death." said Matt's dad Mark.
  • Fastest White sprinter ever?: Christophe Lemaitre of France has held the record of being the fastest White athlete on earth. With a time of 9.92 seconds at just 18 Matthew is expected to overtake Chris soon, Matthew's coaches and supporters believe he has in him to be the best in the world, not just the best white sprinter.
  • Relay team: Matthew has been running Relay events as well, he was part of the USA junior team that ran in Finland in 2018-19. He ran in both 4X100 & 4X400 relay teams for his High school - Strake Jesuit
  • Long jump: Other than sprints, Matthew is also a champion in the long jump. He won Gold medal at the 2019 Athletics championships in Columbia Stadium ,Webster, Texas with a jump of 7.67m. He has the 7th best jump in the history of High school sports. He has the best jump of 8.01m
  • He is the second American teenager after Trayvon Bromell to run a sub 10 second run in the 100 meters
  • Olympics: He is eligible for the 2020 Olympics, but he is not expected to hit his peak anytime soon, by 2024 Paris Olympics he would be at his peak age of 23.
  • 2020 Olympics: Matthew wants to do his best to get included in the US team for 2020 Tokyo Olympics
  • VYPE T&F athlete of the year: VYPE High School Athlete Award was given to Matthew in April 2018
  • Athlete of the Year: Matthew Boling won High School Athlete of the Year at the Houston Sports Awards.
  • Multi-talented: He is among the rare talents in the American history who have been champions in multiple disciplines, Matthew has been competing in 100m, 200m, 400m and Long jump events.
  • Matthew is very hungry, he often sends the video of his running to his coach Althea Thomas and seeks to improve his sprinting techniques.
  • High Jump: Matthew used to practice High jump as well, but seems to have discontinued it after 2016. He has a personal best of 2 meters in High jump.
  • Matthew was into football as a kid, he has participated in the junior category as well
  • Matthew's Instagram/ Twitter fan base grew many fold after his 9.98 second record in the 100m event at the Columbia stadium in Texas
  • Workout Routine: Mondays and Wednesdays he practices 400m related work, Tuesdays and Thursdays Long jump.
  • When asked which one is his favorite distance to run?- 'I love them all'
  • He has been sprinting since the 6th grade.
  • His advice to new comers to Athletics- "If you are not number one when you start, it is okay, just keep working"
  • Twitter is his most favorite social media, he used to have a facebook account, but doesn't use it much anymore.
  • Fastest 400 meter splits: MAtthew ran the fastest 400m split in the High school history, he covered the last leg in just 44.74 seconds at the Texas UIL state championships
  • 2019 Pan American junior championships: He was the gold medalist in 100m, 200m, 4x100m,  4x400m events
  • Discipline: Matthew is disciplined, he likes neatness, his parents remember him lining matchbox cars in neat rows even as a 3 year old kid. His medals are lined in order, clothes stacked in order. His parents trust in his words (that's rare for a parent of a teenager isn't it?), they believe he is realistic, puts all the effort he needs. "If he tells me he’s heading off to the Olympics, I’m buying the tickets." said his father Mark impressed by his son's targets and their achievements [2]
  • Routine before events:
    • Night- Spaghetti/ salmon
    • Breakfast- Eggs, Bacon, Toast
    • Epsom salt bath & water-chia seed shake
  • VYPE Video Moment of the Year: VTPE Magazine chose Matthew Boling's last leg run in the 4x400m relay where he covered more than 30m to win the race for his team to be the best video of the year

Video: Matt Boling runs a spectacular fourth leg at the Nationals 4X400 relay finals to recover from a far back second position to go on to win the race

Matthew Boling Records- Timelines


Time  Location Date Comments
10.11 s San Jose 19 July 2019 Pan American Junior Championships
10.13s Hollywood, Florida 22 June 2019 USA Under 20
10.15 s Albuquerque, New Mexico 8 June 2019 Great Southwest Classic
10.13 s Austin, Texas 11 May 2019 Texas UIL
9.98 s Webster, Texas April 27, 2019 wind +4.2 m/s ; UIL Region 3-6A Meet
10.11 s League City, Texas 19 April 2019 UIL 6A - District 23-24 Area Meet
10.20 s Austin, Texas 30 Mar 2019 Clyde Littlefield Texas Relays
10.28 s Houston, Texas 15 Mar 2019 TSU Relays


Time in  Location Date Comments
20.31 s San Jose 20 July 2019 Pan American Junior Championships
20.36 s Miramar June 25, 2019 National Junior Championships
20.68 s Houston, Texas 30 May 2019 Rice All Comers Meet
20.55 s League City, Texas 19 April 2019 UIL 6A - District 23-24 Area Meet
20.58 s Houston, Texas 15 Mar 2019 TSU Relays


Time in  Location Date Comments
46.51 s Bloomington 16 June 2018 Bloomington USA U20 Championships
46.76 s Austin, Texas 12 MAY 2018 Austin UIL Championship
46.83 s Houston, Texas 19 April 2018 Houston IL 6A District 19-20 Area Meet
47.38 s Houston, Texas 28 April 2017 Houston Region 3-6A Meet

4x100m Relay

Time Location Date Comments
38.62 s San Jose 20 July 2019

Pan American Junior Championships

Under 20 world Record

40.71 s Webster, Texas 27 April 2019 UIL Region 3-6A Meet
41.08 s League City, Texas 19 April 2019 UIL 6A - District 23-24 Area Meet

4x400m Relay

Time Location Date Comments
2:59.30  San Jose 19-21, July 2019

Pan American Junior Championships

Under 20 world Record

3:10.56 Austin, Texas 11 May 2019 Texas UIL
3:05.57  Tampere 14 July 2018 Tampere IAAF World U20 Championships

Long Jump

Distance Location Date Comments
7.71 m Hollywood 22 June 2019 USA U20
7.63 m Albuquerque, New Mexico 08 June 2019 Great Southwest Classic
7.73 m Austin, Texas 11 May 2019 Texas UIL
8.01 m Austin, Texas 29 March 2019 Clyde Littlefield Texas Relays
7.68 m Houston, Texas 23 March 2019 Victor Lopez Classic
7.63 m  Katy, Texas 02 March 2019  Bubba Fife Relays
7.38 m Houston, Texas 22 March 2018 Houston Victor Lopez Classic

High Jump

Distance Location Date Comments
1.96 m College Station, texas 07 January 2017  

Matthew Boling Awards

  • National Boys Track & Field Player of the Year: Gatorade (The Sports Fuel Company-Sports Drinks, Protein Powders) awarded him the award for 2018-2019

Matthew Boling Quotes

  • NFL overtime is a joke.
  • If you are not number one when you start, it is okay, just keep working
  • My block start was pretty good, and right out of the gate I knew it was going to be fast, so I decided to turn it up a little bit and ran my best.
  • It feels weird because I’m used to just being at the meets without attention, but now people will ask for pictures and stuff when I’m done
  • I think I could turn pro this year, but I don’t think that would be the best decision to reach my dreams.. I still feel like I need more time to compete [2]
  • Stay humble and give God the glory and to know who’s there for you [1]



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