Emme Maribel Muñiz

Emme Maribel Muñiz

Date Of BirthFebruary 22, 2008
Age16 years 3 months 1 days
Day of BirthFriday
Place Of BirthLong Island, New York, United States
Zodiac SignPisces
Nickname Lulu

Personal Information
Residence New York, United States
Religion Christianity (Roman Catholic)
Languages Spanish , English
Nationality American
EthnicitiesPuerto Rican , Latino
Body Features & Measurements
Height150 (in 2019) CM
4 Feet 11 Inches
Eye colorlight brown
Hair color Brown
Weight40 (2019) KG
88 lbs
Body Type Slim
Family Information
Father Marco Antonio Muñiz (Singer, Actor, Producer)
Mother Jennifer Lynn López (Singer, Actress)
Cousin Lucie Wren Lopez-Goldfried
Uncle Bigram Zayas
Grandfathers Felipe Muñiz (Paternal; musician and hospital lunchroom worker)
David López (Maternal; computer technician)
Grandmothers Guadalupe Rodriguez (Maternal; House maker)
Guillermina Muñiz (Paternal; Housewife)
Aunts Leslie López (Maternal)
Lynda López (Maternal; Journalist)
Yolanda Muniz (Paternal)
Relatives Joe Rodriguez (Alex Rodriguez's brother)
Lourdes Rodriguez (Alex Rodriguez's mother)
Adam Goldfried (Father of Cousin)
Suzy Rodriguez (Alex Rodriguez's sister)
Victor Rodriguez (Alex Rodriguez's father)
Half Brothers Ryan Adrian Muñiz
Cristian Marcus Muñiz (born on February 5, 2001)
Chase Muñiz
Half Sister Arianna Muñiz (Paternal, born in 1994)
Stepfather Alex Rodriguez
Stepsisters Ella Alexander (Daughter of Alex Rodriguez)
Natasha Alexander (Daughter of Alex Rodriguez)
Social Networks, Web links
Instagram ProfileEmme Maribel Muñiz Instagram Profile


Emme Maribel Muñiz is the daughter of popular singer Jennifer Lynn López & Marco Antonio Muñiz (singer, actor & producer)

Childhood- Family

Emme was born on February 22nd of 2008 in Long Island, New York, United States of America to Jennifer Lopez and Marc Antonio. Both Max & Emme were brought to the world through a C-section at North Shore University Hospital, New York. Emme weighed 5 pounds and 7 ounces ta birth.

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony divorced in June 2014.

Emme and Maximilian Muniz with mom Jennifer Lopez

[Emme and Maximilian Muniz with mom Jennifer Lopez]


Mother- Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez was born in July 1969 in New York City, to Guadalupe Rodríguez & David López, two Puerto Rican immigrants. She has two sisters, Leslie Lopex the oldest, and Lynda Lopez the youngest.

Jennifer is a Golden Globe-nominated singer with multiple hit songs listed in the billboard 100. Jennifer is the first Latino actress to sign a $1 million film contract. She is one of the highest-paid Latino actresses to the date.

Some of her popular works are in roles of Harlee Santos in "Shades of Blue", Charlie in Monster-in-Law(2005), Ramona in Hustlers (2019), Maya in Second Act(2018), Marisa Ventura in Maid in Manhattan (2002).

She was previously married to three times and now engaged to her partner Alexander Rodriguez.

Emme & Mom

[Emme & Mom]

Talking about the birth of her children Max & Emme, mother Jennifer Lopez said:

"My whole life became clear, my career became better, I stand here stronger and better than ever."

Mother Jennifer calls Emme a 'Marshmellow princess', Jennifer calls Emme her 'inner child personified' and says "The most joyful deep and sensitive human being I have ever met"

[Jennifer Lopex and Emme in a playful mood]

Father- Marc Anthony

Marco Muñiz is a Puerto Rican singer, musician, and actor. He was born in September 1968 in New York City to immigrant parents Guillermina Muñiz and her husband Felipe Muñiz (a hospital cafeteria worker)

Marc hs multiple awards against his name along with the two prestigious Grammy awards. Marc also holds the record for selling the most number of the top tropical albums on the billboard.

Marc has six children in total from his previous marriages, relationships and adoptions:

  • Arianna Muñiz (mother- Debbie Rosado)
  • Chase Muñiz (adopted with Debbie Rosado)
  • Cristian Muñiz (mother- Dayanara Torres) 
  • Ryan Muñiz (mother- Dayanara Torres)
  • Emme Muñiz
  • Max Muñiz

Emme Muniz with dad Marc Anthony

[Emme Muniz with dad Marc Anthony]


Twin brother- Maximilian David Muñiz

Emme has a twin in Max Muniz.

Emme is older than Max by a minute, she was born on 22nd February at 12:21. Max was born a minute later at 12:22

Though they were born together, though Max weighed slightly more than Emme at birth, Emme is a little bit taller than Maximilian.

Emme Maribel Muniz & Maximilian David Muniz

[Emme Maribel Muniz & Maximilian David Muniz]


Half siblings

She has a paternal half sister named Arianna Muñiz, she was born in 1994 to Marco Antonio and Debbie Rosado. Marco & Debbie Rosado have an adopted son in Chase Muñiz.

Half brother Cristian Marcus Muñiz was born in 2001 to Marco Antonio and his ex-wife Dayanara Torres. Ryan Adrian Muñiz was born in 2003 to the two of them.


Ma & Emma spend their time with daughters of Alex Rodriguez - Ella Alexander & Natasha Alexander.

Emme Muniz and Natasha Alexander

[Emme Muniz and Natasha Alexander]

Emme Muniz and Ella Alexander

[Emme Muniz and Ella Alexander]


Facts & Trivia

  • Ethnicity: Both the sets of grandparents are Puerto Ricans.
  • Religion: Both maternal side and the paternal side of the family are Roman Catholic Christians.
  • Instagram profile: There is an Emme and Max fan Instagram account where their pics are posted frequently.
  • The Coconuts: Both Emme & Max together are fondly called The Coconuts.
  • Emme has a special talent of making her braids dance :)
  • The first picture of Max and Emme was published on 11th March 2008 in 'People' magazine, the magazine paid $6 Million. It was the most expensive photograph back then
  • Emme the Singer: Emme loves singing, she likes singing Alicia Keys' 'If I Ain't Got You'
  • She is nicknamed Lulu
  • American Idol: Emme auditioned for American Idol in 2015, she auditioned in New York
  • Lord Help Me!: Emme is writing a book titled 'Lord Help Me!' and her mother is seeking book deals.
  • Pet Lover: She loves animals, likes taking photographs with animals.
  • Maribel: Emme's middle name comes from her paternal aunt who had died in her youth of brain tumor.
  • 10th Birthday: Emme and Max's 10th birthday was celebrated at 'Sugar Factory' in Los Angeles. Each twin had a specific birthday cake customized for them. The event was attended by close friends and family. Tom Cruise & then-wife Katie Holmes gifted 'Bonpoint' clothes to the twins. Dolce & Gabbana gifted fur wraps
  • When Emme and Max were born Jennifer Lopez was very anxious, she was very afraid that someone would kidnap them, she hired a team of finest bodyguards to guard them day and night
  • The Ellen DeGeneres Show: Max & Emme appeared on Ellen's show in 2017 along with their mother


Jennifer Lopez Lookalike

Emme looks just like the little version of her mother Jennifer Lopez, the resemblance to little JLo is uncanny. Let's wait and see how the young Emme grows up to be.

Emme Muniz & Jennifer Lopez face similarity

JLo junior: Emme is fondly called JLo Jennifer, she is the only girl child of JLo, has singing talents and looks like JLo, thus a justified title


Emme the artist

She wants to be an artist when she grows up, she has been practicing singing for a few years now. 

Video: Emme Muniz singing

Singing at the Superbowl 2020

Emme performed at the Pepsi Superbowl halftime in 2020 along with her mother and the other popular Latino singer Shakira. Speaking of Emme's singing talent to the press after the Superbowl, Jennifer Lopez said: "Emme was born to sing... she would be humming even as a little baby in the crib"

[Emme Muniz performing Live at the 2020 Superbowl]


Athletics- sports

Emme is a track and field athlete, she loves running and has participated in competitions. She is a baseball enthusiast, she has a pretty good swing. She is often seen playing volleyball on the beach with friends. Emme's mother JLo was also a gymnast and a national level track runner.

Emme Muniz the athlete

[Emme Muniz the athlete]


Emme is passionate about photography, mother Jennifer had posted a picture of Emme shooting nature by the seaside with the caption "My little artist"

Emme Muniz the photographer

[Emme Muniz the photographer]


Photos/ Pictures

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