Jason Genao

Jason Genao

Date Of BirthJuly 3, 1996
Age27 years 10 months 20 days
Day of BirthWednesday
Place Of BirthJersey City, New Jersey, United States
Zodiac SignCancer
Profession Actor
Nickname Jospeh
Full Name Jason Steven Genao
Other Name Jayson Genao

Personal Information
Residence New Jersey, United States
Religion Christianity
Languages French , English , Spanish
Nationality American
EthnicityDomincan American
Famous For Playing
Body Features & Measurements
Height156 CM
5 Feet 1 Inches
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Weight55 KG
121 lbs
Shoe Size8
Family Information
Brothers David Genao
Danny Genao
Education Qualifications
Education (High School) William L. Dickinson High School
Career Information
Debut (Movie) Logan(2017)
Years Active 2016-
Favorites, Hobbies, Likes/ Dislikes
Favorite Actors Al Pacino
Gary Oldaman
Heath Ledger
Gene Wilder
Favorite Actresses Elizabeth Taylor
Michelle Williams
Cate Blanchett
Amy adams
Meryl Streep
Bea Arthur
Bette Davis
Marion Cotillard
Favorite Food Cheese Burger
Favorite ColorsBlue
Favorite MoviesAll About Eve
Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf
La Vie en Rose(1947)
Into the Wild
The Dark Knight
Young Frankenstein
Favorite Singers Lauryn Hill
Bob Dylan
Nina Simone
Favorite Musicians Amy Whinehouse
Kanye West
Favorite BookThe Catcher in the rye
Favorite CuisinesHispanic
LikesBoyz n the Hood
Lupita Nyong
Gina Rodriguez
Tilda Swinton
When They See Us
Favorite play Eclipsed
Favorite Movie genre Horror
Favorite Ice-creams Pineapple coconut
Dulce de Leche
Social Networks, Web links
Twitter ProfileJason Genao Twitter Profile
Instagram ProfileJason Genao Instagram Profile
More Information
Friends Brett Gray
Sierra Capri
Net worth$200,000


Jason Genao [pronounced Ja-nay-oh] is an American actor known for playing the roles- Rictor in Logan(2017), Ruby Martinez in "On My Block", Napoleon in "The Get Down" and minor roles in "Noches con Platanito", "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit".

Jason Genao was born as Jayson Genao on 3rd July 1996 in Jersey City, New Jersey, United States. Jason's parents are of Dominican ethnicity from Jersey City, New Jersey.

Jason has two brothers:

  • David Genao
  • Danny Genao

Jason Genao Education

Jason attended William L. Dickinson High School, a community public high located in Jersey City, Hudson County of New Jersey, Where he studied 9th through 12th.

Jason Genao Facts & Trivia

  • Jayson Genao: Jason was credited as Jayson Genao in first few of his projects (ex: Ladrones(2015)), he later changed it to the more familiar version "Jason"
  • Ancestry: Jason is of Domincan descent.
  • Acting: Jason was 9 years old when he realised he wanted to become an actor.
  • Jason acted in school plays, despite his love for acting he never pursued an acting job until he was 16, he thought it was out of his reach. He found a budget acting school in the summer to get his skills honed and paid with his savings and financial support from his father and brother.
  • Graduation: Jason graduated from the William L. Dickinson High School, a public high school in Jersey city, Hudson County
  • La Vie en Rose(1947): The actor has admitted to have been inspired to become an actor after the 1947 French classic
  • Debut: Jason's first entry into cinemas was through Logan, where he played a minor role. Jason got a breakthrough when he got the Netflix TV series.
  • Breakthrough: Jason got a big breakthrough on the coming-of-age comedy TV series on Netflix "On My Block" where he played Ruby Martinez, the young protagonist. The show was ranked #1 among 65 Netflix Originals in 2018 by the business insiders. The billboard for the TV series also featured on Times Square.
  • Academy Award: He considers winning an academy award to be his lifetime goal.
  • His instagram profile bio says "Actor... for now"
  • His Twitter bio reads "fake it till you make it"
  • NOH8 Campaign: He promotes NOH8 Campaign which fights bullying and discrimination, and stands for equality
  • Backstage Cast Interview: The very first interview of Jason was by Backstage Cast magazine, they printed his picture as well as text.
  • He is a fan of Black Panther movies.
  • He is not that much into musicals.
  • He likes Kanye West's "Family business"
  • He likes watching movie trailers in his free time, he calls it his favorite thing to do.
  • Favorite movies: Into the Wild, Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf, Young Frankenstein, La Vie en Rose(1947) as the movies that made him fall in love with movies.
  • Gasland is his favorite documentary
  • If he was not an actor he would have like to be a medical examiner or a chef
  • He likes acting in films, theater comes second
  • Avante Magazine: The fashion magazine featured him in June 2019
  • Ride and Seek: Jason made a video on safe driving (wearing seat belts, buckling up and wearing helmets) with the "Do Something", the non-profit organization that promotes empowering community.
  • Adventure: He likes simple adventures.
  • Cooking: He loves cooking, he was very close to becoming a chef, Acting and Cooking are his 2 biggest passions
  • Auditioning: He googled "How to Audition" when he got his first chance to Audition for a role in the TV series.
  • Movie Genre: He likes comedy, but he always thought of himself as a Drama guy.
  • Accident: In his early 20s he had an accident which shook him real bad, he wears seat belts even if he has to move just couple of blocks, he has made safety promotion videos for charity foundation.
  • Rapid Questions:
    • First thing to do in the morning- Brush the Teeth
    • Best known among friends for- Being Funny
    • If he wasn't an actor, he would be a- Chef
    • Favorite thing to cook- Roasted  Pork shoulder
    • Hopes people remember him as- Good actor
    • Imitations?- NO
  • PTSD: He reached out to his fans about PTSD, surprisingly it was older folks that thanked him and reached out to him, despite his audience being youth
  • Crazy Fan Movement: A 16 year old all of a sudden started crying by the side of road, she had to drink water to calm herself down, Jason was looking around to make sure if she was in awe of him or someone else around him


Jason Genao Career

Debut: Jason made his acting debut through the episode "41 Witnesses of "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" in 2016 where he played 'William Reeves'.

Major Role: Jason first major role was in the Netflix original series "On My Block" where he played "Ruby Martinez". He played one of the major roles in this most watched Teen web Series.

Jason Genao Filmography

  • Max Winslow and the House of Secrets(2019)- Benny
  • God Friended Me(2018)- (TV series)- Isaac
  • On My Block(2018-) (Netflix series)- Ruby Martinez
  • The Get Down(2016-) (Netflix series)- Napoleon
  • Logan(2017)- Rictor
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit(2016)- William Reeves
  • Ladrones(2015)- Agente FBI

Jason Genao News & Updates

  • May 2019: Posed for "A BOOK OF Magazine" in May, they made couple of his posters available to his fans for purchase online.
  • March 2019: Jason & the crew of "On My Block" appeared on the "Times Square" billboard in New York, as a part of the promotion of the next season of the TV series

Jason Genao Quotes

  • [About giving dreams up] Life is too short to settle [for something less than one deserves]
  • It's hard [to achieve dreams] but these things aren't impossible
  • I just hope that everyone can go to bed, they dream, and the dream isn't over when they wake up
  • Imagine I was born after 2002 and made a musically... Tragic
  • Orange juice is disgusting
  • Art is a spiritual thing. You don't play with art
  • I'm a cancer just trying to be an Aquarius
  • Be kind or be silent
  • Mother Nature is tired of us
  • The world would be such a better place if people would mind their damn business
  • Dying is easy, comedy is hard
  • Don't let the mental barriers that because those before you couldn't strive force you to settle
  • Do it or don’t, you’ll regret both
  • I don't want to be a big blockbuster person. I want to do the films that inspired me to act.
  • [On his movie interests] I don't know what's wrong with me, but I have to watch any type of murder documentaries
  • [About change in his life after popularity] I can't go to the stores anymore, people will be like .."Is it.. is it..", I'd be like "No"
  • Give it your all, give it your 100%, you will realize after some time if it is working out for you, if it is not working out try the second best thing
  • [He made a pun] These typos are getting out of hand
  • Yeah you’re cute but are you good for my mental health
  • [A funny take] Airlines like to play who’s more dramatic with these safety demonstration videos
  • Lauryn Hill really only gave us one album maybe that’s why the world is in shambles
  • I need some sort of medicine to help with procrastination
  • [why don't people wear seat belts] People never think it is not going to happen to them
  • Hygiene is big on my list
  • I Love acting, I love it so much. I don't mind acting any character under the face of the sun
  • [About Social Media] I love twitter, Twitter is the best



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